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Freedom Model's Offers what no Drug Treatment can:

Drug TreatmentSeeking help for a drug addiction, is difficult, and the last thing you probably want to hear, is that in order to overcome your drug problem; you must turn to a higher power or you will remain an addict. The truth is, that is exactly what is taught at all drug treatment centers in America. That is why, after more than two decades of research, you won't find any of those "drug treatment" related terms in our program because Freedom Model's doesn't resemble traditional drug treatment at all! In our program you will not be labeled or judged by your past history, but rather be treated as a real human being with a drug problem--that can be solved through Freedom Model's innovative Educational Program Course.

What Will You Learn At The Freedom Model's Social Educational Program:

  • How to overcome personal struggle with substance abuse
  • Find purpose in your life again
  • Bring happiness to both yourself and surrounding family and friends
  • Self empowerment and confidence to handle life's struggles
  • How choice and personal responsibility are major factors to your success

The biggest difference between 12 step drug treatment and Freedom Model is the belief in choice. At Freedom Model's you will not be surrendering to drugs. Our program does not tell people how to live their lives. The reason for this is simple; you cannot control another person's choices. Just as you can't make someone enter into a treatment program if they aren't ready for it. When someone is truly ready to change their life they will make the choice to stop using drugs.

Through an educational process, our program allows you to make a life plan, build your self confidence, overcome your substance use issues, and build success. Drug treatment programs cannot provide this level of self empowerment because they are based on you remaining powerless over your choices and actions! This will make you less confident, and afterward always in need of greater treatment. You are guaranteed to be trapped in drug treatment and 12 step support for the rest of your life if your do not make the decision to call Freedom Model's today and get your life back.

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Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

Drug Treatment Treatment AlternativeIt's understandable why people struggling with alcohol often feel helpless and hopeless. The message usually given in most drug treatments is not only incorrect but often counterproductive. The vast majority of rehab programs are unsuccessful with most people because they are based on false assumptions and use questionable techniques. However, the Freedom Model Program is different. More Reviews Here


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