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Alternative Programs For Drug Treatment

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There Are A Variety Of Alternative Drug Treatment Options

Alternative Programs For Drug TreatmentGetting help for drug use is an important decision and choosing where you get help is equally important. There are several alternative programs for drug treatment that you may want to think about. This is especially important if you have tried 12 step or traditional treatment with no success or growing frustration. There are other options you may not have looked into yet.

Conventional Drug Treatment

Traditional approaches to drug treatment include 12 step programs. 12 step programs promote the belief that drug use is a disease and that there is no cure. They support belief that only a higher power can help you stop using drugs and teach the belief that you have no control over your drug use. They advocate a lifelong treatment because you can never fully recover addiction. 12 step programs have a 60 to 95 percent dropout rate.

All alternative programs for drug treatment are not alike. Some alternative approaches include the use of meditation therapy, yoga, vitamin therapy and acupuncture as programs for drug treatment. Still others use replacement therapy drugs such as methadone and suboxone in place of their client’s drug use. Methadone and suboxone are both narcotics and they come with their own side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Some people begin taking methadone and never stop taking it.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning

A different approach is the use of cognitive behavioral education as an alternative program for drug treatment. Cognitive behavioral education uses self assessments to evaluate habits and behaviors, especially those that are connected to drug use. Cognitive Behavioral Learning does not use tactics like manipulation, judgment and labeling to control individuals, rather it helps to build self confidence and inner strength. Once an individual identifies a habit and behavior that needs changing, they exchange it for one that is more productive and satisfying, that will enhance their life instead of being destructive. Cognitive Behavioral Learning supports that you have the power to make a different choice when it comes to drug use. The reasons you make for using drugs can be changed to reasons not to use drugs.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment approach that uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help guests understand that they are not diseased and that they have the power to stop using drugs. We are not a 12 step program and we do not use replacement therapy drugs to curb illicit drug use. Through self evaluation, our guests discover that they can change their habits and behaviors and replace them with more useful ones that will help them be more confident and successful. They discover that they have the power to take back control of their life over drug use.

We have found with our 23 years of experience that people who are more confident and can go on to live productive lives that are permanently free from drug use and all of the problems associated with it.


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