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Drug Treatment Family ProgramEntering a drug treatment program does not mean that you should have to go it alone. For many individuals, making the decision to get help came at the encouragement of family and friends who want to support you even as you go through the program and start your new life, so finding a place that offers a drug treatment family program may be important to you.

Traditional Treatment

Traditional treatment programs, such as 12 step programs, teach the speculative and unsupported theory that substance use is a disease, that you are powerless over it, that you must submit to a Higher Power, that you will suffer from "lack of control" and that you will be an addict for the rest of your life. The only drug treatment family program for 12 step programs are special meetings that are for the family members of substances users and "open" meetings. These groups force the family member to accept that their loved one is diseased and that there is no hope of recovery for them.

Many members find the meetings to be hostile. Not surprisingly, 12 step programs have a one year success rate of only about five percent. Millions of individuals struggling with substance use join a 12 step program each year, yet 19 of every twenty fail to achieve sobriety by doing so. That's an abysmal failure rate. However, there is a better way that offers hope, encouragement and positive results.

Freedom Model Retreats are an alternative to 12 step programs and other traditional treatment programs. We are a non-treatment program. We do not follow the failed idea that drug use is a disease and that you are powerless. Instead, we offer a program with a proven long term high success rate.

Take Back Control

The six week program at Freedom Model Retreats helps guests take back control of their life from substance use. Our guests discover, through self analysis, the things that are important to them. They realize that they can have a future that is free from substance use by making more productive choices and then reinforcing those choices with positive habits and behaviors that create a more purposeful life.

Freedom Model Retreats provides family members of our guests access to the Freedom Model Corner. St. Jude Corner is a website that allows family members to follow the program along with their loved one. Family members will be able to read the program materials including readings, the daily schedules, menus, and social activities. Family members are encouraged to contact the Program Directors and Family Consultants with questions or concerns and to schedule a meeting with the staff.

Family Days

We encourage family members to visit on Sundays, which are Family Day at our retreats. They will be encouraged to enjoy brunch is served in the morning and dinner in the afternoon. At Freedom Model Retreats, we understand how important family support is during this time of rebuilding your life and we encourage your family's presence during this exciting time of change in your life. Freedom Model Retreats provides a non-treatment program. We use Cognitive Behavioral Learning to teach our guest how to use self-assessment and self change to understand how their habits and behaviors are related to their drug use and then to change those habit and behaviors. We do not label, judge, manipulate, or control our guests. Instead, we help them understand that they are not diseased, powerless, or unable to change their lives for the better. We show specifically how they can achieve happy lives without ever using drugs again.

Twelve step programs have distressingly low success rate. The independently researched and certified long term success rate of our non-profit, non-religious program is 62% or higher.


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