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Treatment Drug Use In Connecticut

Drug Treatment In ConnecticutDrug use in Connecticut is a problem. According to statistics released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, one out of every ten individuals uses drugs, including prescription medications that are not being used according to physician instructions, or being used recreationally. These statistics indicate a need for drug treatment in Connecticut.

Drug Treatment Options In Connecticut

There are quite a few options for drug treatment in Connecticut, with 79 drug treatment programs including drug detox, programs are scattered throughout the state. A large portion of the programs are residential programs in which the individual seeking assistance stays for a period of 30 days or longer. With the exception of a small few, almost every drug treatment in Connecticut implements a 12 step program into their philosophy. Other drug treatment programs include methadone clinics in which the individual takes methadone in place of their other drug use. Natural approaches may include the use of acupuncture, vitamin therapy, meditation and yoga to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings once you have quit your drug use.

There are a small handful of drug treatments in Connecticut that use cognitive behavioral therapy to address drug use. The approaches used in Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) and cognitive behavioral therapy, are very different from the approaches used in traditional 12 step programs. 12 step programs promote the notion that drug use is a disease and that the desire to use drugs stems from an addiction gene that is passed down from generation to generation in your family. In contrast, Cognitive Behavioral Learning does not believe in drug use as a disease and posits that there is no such thing as an addiction gene.

Why 12 Steps As Drug Treatment Fail

12 step programs promote the idea that the only treatment for drug use is abstinence, belief in a higher power and meetings for the rest of your life. 12 step programs also believe that you are powerless against your drug use; while Cognitive Behavioral Learning takes an opposite view. According to cognitive behavioral theorists, your drug use is a choice that you make and is based on learned behavior and not a gene/disease. You have the power to stop using drugs if you choose to do so. (CBL) does not support the idea that you will need treatment for the rest of your life, because once you make the decision to change your habits and behavior, you will not need therapy forever.

Methadone Clinics Are Not Solutions For Drug Use!

Methadone clinics are another option for drug treatment in Connecticut. This is a self reporting method for drug treatment in which the individual reports to a clinic or to a doctor's office and receives medication – usually suboxone or methadone – that helps them through the withdrawal process of the drugs they were taking. Methadone and suboxone are opiates and from the same drug family as oxycontin, vicodin and percocet. There are several reasons why this method is considered by many to be problematic, but the main reason is that research shows that a large number of individuals started taking methadone and suboxone and never stopped taking it. These drugs are never meant to be used as long-term solution or a quick fix to a drug "addiction."

If you or a loved one are truly looking to move beyond drug use, a non-treatment solution may be the best for you. Freedom Model Retreats exclusively offers a highly advanced program that includes methods such as (CBL) and the science of neuroplasticity to help people analyze their current behaviors and habits. It's important for you to realize that drug and alcohol use related behaviors can be changed and stopped without recovery meetings, replacement drugs or 12 step meetings!


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