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What Is The Right Heroin Treatment Center?

Find Heroin Treatment CentersMore than a half million people in the U.S. struggle with using heroin use. Heroin over use has led to hepatitis, HIV and AIDS, not to mention the thousands of drug overdoses that occur each year. If you are ready to find a heroin treatment center and overcome your heroin use, there may be a program just right for you.

Heroin is a drug that is derived from morphine. As an opiate, heroin affects the central nervous system and brain by blocking the opioid receptor that distinguishes between pleasure and pain. Heroin can be injected, smoked and inhaled and comes in a brown or white powder or a black tar. Heroin has the potential to create dependency, which simply means if you suddenly stop using heroin, physical withdrawal symptoms will develop.

Is Heroin Use A Disease?

A number of heroin treatment centers follow a philosophy that heroin use is a disease and that it is inherited through an addiction gene that is passed down through families from generation to generation.  The majority of these programs believe that there is no cure for the disease of heroin addiction. Further, most programs implement a 12 step ideology.

12 step programs such as found in Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) support the disease theory and teach that the only treatment that is available is belief in a higher power that focuses on surrendering the addiction to God to free you from your addiction. 12 step programs also promote to their members that they will need counseling, in the form of meetings for the rest of their life. Lastly, 12 step programs teach that treatment is only effective through abstinence; however they also teach that you are powerless against your heroin addiction and that relapse is a certainty.

Programs like N.A. impress on their members that they are addicts. The meetings are seen by many as sessions of bitter and angry heroin users that blame everyone else for their problems. Judgment, labels, manipulation are all tactics regularly employed by the program. 12 step programs have millions of members worldwide; however they have very low success rates as 95 percent of the people who enroll in Narcotics Anonymous dropout.

Learned Behavior

The truth is that heroin use is not a disease and there is no such thing as a drug addict gene. Heroin use is a learned behavior that you are currently using as an excuse to deal with everyday life.  Unlike a disease such as cancer and leukemia, in which the individual with the disease does not have a choice; using heroin is a choice and you can choose not to use the drug.

The Freedom Model Program helps individuals understand that they have a choice is a program that used Cognitive Behavioral Learning. Cognitive Behavioral Learning uses self change and self assessment to teach individuals to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make choices and decisions that are productive. Individuals also learn to develop habits and to form behaviors that are purposeful and positive. Cognitive Behavioral Learning increases self confidence and self esteem and empowers individuals as they discover they can have a life that does not include heroin use.


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