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Drug Rehab and Dual Diagnosis

Seeking a Drug Rehab that Promotes Dual Diagnosis in theur program? Information You need to know.

Drug Rehab and Dual DiagnosisNearly nine million people in the United States are affected by both substance use and mental health conditions each year, commonly called dual diagnosis.

An estimated 51 percent of individuals who struggle with a psychological or psychiatric disorder also struggle with some type of substance use and nearly 66 percent of individuals with a substance use problem also struggle with some type of psychiatric or psychological disorder. In dual diagnosis, both the substance use and the disorder interrelate with each other and impede the individual's capability to function well.

Dual diagnosis often includes depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or personality disorders.

There may be a need to detoxify, but not everyone needs detoxification. That depends on the type of substance used, amount of the substance used and the length of time it has been used. Intravenous (IV) therapy medical detox is seen as the best method for detox. IV therapy is physician supervised and considered to be the safest and most effective medical detox because it allow doctors to make adjustment to the medication as withdrawal symptoms change. A doctor can suggest whether or not detox would be advisable.

Many people find that their mental and emotional problems are alleviated after they become clean and sober. However, research at Freedom Model Retreats has found it is best to look and separate drug problems with emotional and life problems. Looking at these problems separately will be less overwhelming and help a person to true fix their life programs, whereas many drug treatment programs simple act as a band aid or a quick-fix solution.

Conversely many drug treatment programs will assign a substance user with a dual diagnosis when they enter drug rehab. This may occur through therapy or a psychological exam. Often times, dual diagnosis helps a person qualify for insurance covered rehab. This is actually counterproductive however, because often times a person may show slight signs of bi-polar or depression, but because they are told they have the disorder they believe it causes their substance use. This is another excuse for them to further use drugs when they leave rehab, because they feel as if they are a victim to their circumstances.

Scientific research has repeatedly found that the most effective way to achieve and maintain a sober and clean lifestyle is through Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) a method of overcoming drug use through a self-analysis process of change. Freedom Model Retreats is the other program to offer (CBL) and the first non-12 step solution to "addictions."


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