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Elderly Alcohol Addiction HelpElderly and alcohol addiction seem to be a major problem in our society. Why is this? It could be due to numerous reasons such as boredom, empty nest syndrome, the loss of a lifetime partner or a loss of purpose. For some of the elderly drinking is an integral part of their life and they find it hard to quit.

For nearly a century it has been said that alcoholism is a disease, yet if that is so why can't we cure it? We can cure other diseases but not alcoholism. It is said that there are several types of alcoholism. Some elderly who struggle with alcohol problems are binge drinkers, who drink heavily when they drink, but they don't drink every day. After drinking this much, and maybe even visiting Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) they are told they have developed the disease of addiction; and it is incurable. But in reality, elderly people are struggling with habitual behaviors regarding drinking. Blaming their drinking on it being a "disease" is provides an excuse to not take responsibility and drink again.

Why The Elderly May Choose To Drink

Why does an elderly person drink? Life is full of choices and taking a drink of beer, wine, or liquor is one of those choices. For some people drinking seems like a much better option than dealing with their problems. The elderly may be struggling with alcohol problems more today because of the cultural belief system that teaches powerlessness. Elderly people can develop alcohol problems for different reasons. For many it is due to the vast physical and environmental changes they experience. Dealing with chronic health problems can be stressful.

Children grow up and leave home, people retire and without setting new goals or gaining new interests and hobbies boredom can set in. Drinking can fill the time but after a while, an elderly person many think that drinking is all they can do, and that they are too old to change. The good news is, it's never too late for change. There is hope and Freedom Model will help them realize that they still have much left to experience and offer to those around them.

Getting An Elderly Person Alcohol Help

There are things that the elderly adult or their family can do for them if they feel they need help for an alcohol problem. They could go to a standard rehab. However, in rehab you will attend AA meetings where you discuss your feelings. 12 step programs in reality have no success, AA alone has less than 5% success rate. Additionally, some alcohol rehabs substitute a drug for the alcohol so they are essentially trading one "addiction" for another. This may help the person feel better physically temporarily but it does not take care of the true reason why they are drinking in the first place. Once the person arrives home becomes unsatisfied with their replacement medication they will likely turn back to their first choice; alcohol. It turns into a vicious cycle.

If you don't want to go to a standard run of the mill rehab there are alternatives such as the Freedom Model Retreats Program. Our program is successful because we use non-treatment methods to help you take back control of your life and create a future plan. We will not treat your alcohol problem as a disease as that is harmful; instead we teach the truth; that drinking is a behavior and a choice. No matter what your age, you can overcome an alcohol problem.

So how does Freedom Model do this? We have created the original Non 12 Step method. The Non 12 Step method does not follow the 12 steps such as surrendering to alcohol and a higher power, and we do not teach you that alcohol controls your mind and body. We will show you that you do not have to live everyday thinking that you are an alcoholic and that you do have control over your thoughts, your actions and your life. Through the Freedom Model Program, people find renewed joy in life.

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