Dealing With Emotions During Alcohol Treatment

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Dealing With Emotions During Alcohol TreatmentAccording to the CDC, more than 40,000 people die each year from alcohol related deaths. Over half the population that is 18 years of age and older use alcohol on a regular basis. Of those millions of people that use alcohol, a half million will enter alcohol treatment and during the period of treatment, a plethora of emotions will emerge that the user and everyone around them will have to deal with. Dealing with emotions during alcohol treatment can be particularly hard for all involved.

Emotions Are Always Present

Many problem alcohol users feel depression and anger while attending alcohol treatment. Once alcohol use stops, they can be overwhelmed by the amount of emotions they feel and how little it takes to cause them. Emotions range from worry, fear, lack of self confidence, self-doubt, defeat and low self esteem. Alcohol users may have systematically blocked the feelings of those around them, but when they stop using alcohol, those emotions can become overwhelming. Feeling overly emotional during alcohol treatment is normal, but learning to recognize what triggers strong negative emotions can help you control them when they appear so your emotions don't take over.

Recognize the Triggers

Recognizing what sets off your emotions is an important step in keeping them under control. Your emotions can be set off from something you see on TV, read on Facebook, conversations you have with people or overhear and activities in which you participate. Consider how those things affected you and what emotions you felt at the time. If you experience a strong emotion, it is important to consider how you can prepare yourself in the future to keep your reaction under control. While you do not have control over others, you always have control over how you react to what others do.

Coping with Emotions

Your emotions will be there, but learning to cope with them and work out what triggers them is all part of the process. Participate in activities that build up self confidence, self esteem and that empower you.

12 step programs and support group meetings are commonly filled with bitter and angry alcohol users that use meetings to vent their hostilities. It is not unusual to see a colorful mix of emotions during meetings at alcohol treatment. 12 step programs promote an idea that you are a diseased person who will never defeat alcohol or the control alcohol has on your life. So it is not unusual to see a person completely breakdown because they "relapsed". Immediately following the breakdown, the group leader may say that it is okay to relapse because you are diseased. According to those types of programs, you are never cured, there is no hope and you will never beat alcohol. However, the truth is you are not diseased. There is no such thing as an alcohol gene. People are not born to be alcohol users. They used alcohol because they chose to use alcohol. Therefore, you can choose not to use alcohol.

While dealing with your emotions in alcohol treatment can very difficult, there is an alternative program that will make you feel in control again. When you recognize that your alcohol use is a choice that you can change, you will discover that you do not need lifelong treatment and rehabilitation. The truth is that you are not emotional, dependent, diseased and weak, and you do have the power inside you to overcome your alcohol use problems. You will also discover that emotions will no longer run you when you make a commitment to take charge and change.

Hope is Here

Freedom Model Retreats offers an education based non-treatment program that teaches that alcohol abuse is not a disease but a choice that an individual makes. We are not a 12 step program and we do not promote the idea that success is achieved only through abstinence. We do not require group therapy as part of our program, nor do we resort to tactics that demean and degrade our guests. You can get the life you want through our program. We have helped thousands just like you to change their lives and have over 22 years of experience. Call Freedom Model Retreats today and let us help you take back your life!


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