What to Expect After Alcohol Rehab?

Returning Home From an Alcohol Rehab Program

What to Expect After Alcohol Rehab?Many people often wonder what is it like coming home after attending an alcohol rehab program. Going home can be difficult and a bit of a struggle for some especially for those who have attended a traditional treatment program. They are told that relapse is expected in recovery and that they must accept their disease and that they are powerless.

The Freedom Model Program provides accurate information and empowers people to make lasting lifestyle changes. For Freedom Model Program graduates, the lessons learned in the 6-week program can be applied while in the program and then as soon as guests return home.

Throughout the Freedom Model Program guests gain more confidence and life skills to help them get through this initial transition of being home. The urge to go back to old thought patterns may creep back but with perseverance and practice new thought patterns become new natural behaviors

Some people may choose to experiment with substance use or try moderation after alcohol rehab. They learned in the program that substance use is a choice and they never have to relinquish control. However, if the program graduate continues to experience problems, then it is recommended they commit to a period of abstinence to develop more productive thought and behavior patterns.

If the substance user returns to a family environment or lives at home the family members or guardians can take steps to prepare before they arrive home. Many families find it helpful to learn the program through reading the text on the Freedom Model Corner, a members' only website designed for families. Through the Freedom Model Corner families can read through the entire Freedom Model Program curriculum, keep updated on social activities and events at the retreats and easily make contact with retreat house staff. The great understanding the family has about the program philosophies and teachings, the less anxiety they will feel as their loved one returns home.

It is also okay for the family to set up expectations and consequences for the program graduate once they return home from alcohol rehab. Families should not be alarmed if their loved one is a bit withdrawn or emotional for a few days. Remember your loved one is making many personal changes emotionally, mentally, and physically so they may need some time to re-adjust to home life.

It is also important for the family to understand that Freedom Model's does not recommend the program graduate attend a support group or meetings. This activity offers much lower rates of long term abstinence and success (5%). Support groups and meetings can keep people chained to their past problematic behaviors and reinforce a powerless victim mentality. Sitting through a meeting listening to someone cry about their life isn't productive or beneficial for anyone, especially when your loved one has worked so hard to become a strong and powerful person over the last 6 weeks.

Remember each guest one has worked hard to build their confidence and retool their self-image, but their work has only just begun. Taking care of past problems created by years of substance use and neglect, as well as planning for a more positive future require commitment, hard work and follow through. The staff at Freedom Model's is there for continued guidance, encouragement and to answer any questions along the way.

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