My family Wants Me To Enroll In Rehab..Now What?

Will I be able to kick my drug and alcohol habits away?

My family Wants Me To Enroll In Rehab..Now What?I'm sure as you read this a million thoughts are swirling around in your head, most of the time, these thoughts can be related to: failure, fear, rejection, anger..all of which are completely normal. These behaviors are expected from you since you are finally being confronted about the choices you have made in the past. Please know however, that enrolling into a program and getting the help you need is one of the most important things you could do for yourself. In addition, while you have all the reason in the world to feel hurt, betrayed or angry there are a few things you should try to calmly think about:

Your Family/Friends Care--The people in your life are not suggesting that you need help to belittle or embarrass you, they care about you and know that with some guidance and direction you can change your life around. They see your potential but know that right now you are making some poor choices regarding drugs and/or alcohol. We understand the right now it's overwhelming to have people expect answers from you right away, but if you are tired of hearing their concern, you are beginning to realize you are ready for change. Once you see the clear path yourself--you will be able to change your life and begin moving past the stage of using substance.

Everyone Knows You Are Not Addicted--If addiction were a disease, which it is not, your family would be sending you cards and balloons not suggesting your enroll into a substance use program. Family members love you and realize that you are making bad decisions regarding the use of drugs and/or alcohol. There are no illness or addictions, which is why they want you to seriously considering attending our program. Your family and friends believe in you enough to know your life can change. They have confidence in you, now you have to dig deep to find your own personal strength. No matter what program has told you before that you were doomed to be sick forever this is just not the case and there will be no addict or addiction talk in our program--in fact we never use the word addiction--unless it's followed by "is not a disease!"

YOU Have The Power To Change--Know that once you are ready to make the decision to change you will be taught tools in our program that will allow you to break free of substance and live the life you have always desired. We hope that you are beginning to realize the power that you have inside you-even if it's just the slightest belief. Even if you feel you have failed at other attempts of becoming abstinent you should still strongly consider inquiring about our program. Freedom Model's is unlike any other rehab or treatment program available and we promise it is unlike any other program you have personally tried. You possess true strength and courage inside which will help you create new positive lifestyle changes.

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