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Helping Families with an Addicted Loved One

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When you suspect your loved one has a substance use problem, Don’t Panic! Thousands of struggling substance users have found a solution with The Freedom Model Program.

Being close to someone who is struggling with substance use problems can be exhausting and overwhelming at times. The problem commonly referred to as “addiction” is grossly misunderstood and the misinformation being propagated by addictions experts and the treatment and recovery community is misleading, wrong and harmful.

By labeling problem substance use (i.e. addiction) a progressive, incurable disease, this idea systematically erodes the substance user’s innate ability to change. Worse yet, by labeling addiction a “family disease”, the responsibility for the substance user’s behaviors are basically taken away from the only person who does have control, the substance user, and placed on those who have no power at all over the substance user’s behaviors, those closest to them. The family addiction disease theory, and the treatment based on it, is inaccurate and lead to damaged relationships and broken families.

The creators of The Freedom Model Program know that each situation is unique, and what may be right for one person may be entirely wrong for another. That is why The Freedom Model for the Family provides you with factual information, rooted in 30 years of research and experience helping people, so you can make a fully informed decision that is right for you.

With The Freedom Model for the Family Services you can help your loved one and simultaneously improve your own life.

We Help Families that…

  1. Don’t know how to approach their loved one about their problem.
  2. Feel powerless to help their loved one who is struggling with addiction.
  3. Have sent their loved one to addiction treatment and it’s failed.
  4. Have a loved one that doesn’t feel they have a problem or does not want to change.

Who are we?

Freedom Model Co-Author and Co-Founder Mr. Mark Scheeren, Freedom Model Co-Author and Executive Director, Ms. Michelle Dunbar and Freedom Model Co-Author and Research Fellow, Mr. Steven Slate have 30 years experience helping the addicted population and their families find solutions for addiction and many problems families people face when trying to help their addicted loved one.

Whether your loved one has been struggling with addiction for many years, or you’ve just learned your adolescent is using pot, pills or heroin, The Freedom Model for the Family can help you to sort through the misinformation and fallacies surrounding substance use and addiction, and provide you with accurate information so you can make decisions rooted in facts.

The primary goals of The Freedom Model for the Family Workshop are:

  • To provide you with factual, research-based information about substance use and addiction.
  • To alleviate any anxiety, guilt and shame you may be feeling.
  • To help you to build a plan of action based on informed decisions, and what is best for you and your family specifically.
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