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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions.
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Regardless of your financial situation, the Freedom Model Retreat will work hard to make sure you can have access to learn The Freedom Model. Pricing varies depending upon length of stay and which service is chosen, whether that be a retreat stay, an at-home Private Instruction Course, or a Family Workshop. Please call our toll free number for current cost information at 888-424-2626

Yes we do. There are some affordable financing options available through M-Lend Financing and other leading finance companies. See our Financing Options or please give us a call at 888-424-2626 for more information on these affordable options.

Any substance abuse treatment program that accepts medical insurance, that receives any local, state, or federal funding, or that falls under any state regulatory agencies for addiction treatment providers must keep medical records of each patient and make them accessible to any government agency, prospective employer, or insurance company, or subpeona upon request. The Freedom Model Retreat does not participate in government funding programs, does not gain health insurance monies, and, as a social-educational course, is not subject to the state regulatory agency requirements for drug treatment providers. We have maintained this independent status specifically so we can keep your records completely private, and also not be forced to adhere to the false disease concept that is required by many state run drug and alcohol treatment mandates.

Please call 888-424-2626 for our location. As we guarantee the complete privacy and confidentiality of our guests, we do not reveal the locations of our retreats online. People come from all over the country and the world to experience our revolutionary and life-changing retreat. When you call, ask about assistance with travel arrangements, setting up a tour, getting a sample of our curriculum and also our family services. We are an open book and encourage those interested to visit, talk directly with our staff, and see with their own eyes the beauty and professionalism of our retreat and the immense benefits of The Freedom Model System.

The Freedom Model System at both our retreats is 4 weeks all ‘one-on-one’. If you or your loved one feels you need a longer duration, we offer extended stay options as well that can fit your needs. Please contact us and we will work to build a solution that works best for you.
The Freedom Model Retreats offers post-detox services but we work with excellent detox providers around the country and can help you find a provider that will fit your needs. One of the best detox providers in the country is Gallus Detox Center in Arizona. We have chosen to work with Gallus Detox Center because of their unique and proprietary IV detox methods. The method was developed by Dr. Patrick Gallus with the patient’s comfort and safety as the top priorities. We can also arrange detox services in your area as well. Please call for information regarding detoxification or click here for more information.

Our full time Future Planning advisor will work directly with the school or college to either get your son or daughter’s curriculum sent to the Retreats or get the work load deferred. We also have tutors available to assist your son or daughter with their school work if necessary. Do not hesitate to get help for your child based on the fear that their education will suffer. We can help your son or daughter find a solution to their substance use problem while keeping up on their studies.

Yes we do. There are some affordable financing options available through M-Lend Financing and other leading finance companies. See our Financing Options or please give us a call at 888-424-2626 for more information on these affordable options.

The non-profit Baldwin Research Institute, our parent organization, has been conducting research since the mid-1980’s and continues to develop and track effective approaches to substance abuse problems and addiction. However, the efficacy of The Freedom Model is independently evaluated by outside research organizations.

Yes, we serve those who have served our country and to whom we owe so much; and in light of this respect, we provide significant discounts for veterans. Learn more about how The Freedom Model helps veterans here.

We understand that sometimes approaching your loved one about a drug or alcohol problem can be half the battle. While pop television shows may glamorize traditional, confrontational type interventions, research (and our experience) has shown that methodology to be ineffective and often has the detrimental effect of pushing your loved one even farther away from the help they need and may actually want. You can download a free e-book guide on how to approach your loved one here: Freedom Model Family Resources. If you feel you need more help, our Freedom Model Family Liaison is not a traditional interventionist, but rather a Freedom Model specialist whose mission is to assist you to communicate more effectively with your loved one. Please call today for a free consultation. Please Click Here to Learn about our Intervention Services Alternative.

Yes, we have a book specifically written for the family that you can purchase here: The Freedom Model for the Family. In addition, we offer free private consultations by phone or video conference, video lessons for the family, and one or two day Family Workshops here or at your location. Sundays at the Retreat are Family Visitation Days and family and loved ones are welcome to visit and stay for meals or take your loved one out for the day to see the sites or do some shopping. Families should contact the Guest Services Office at 888-424-2626 to schedule their visit.

Freedom Model graduates and their family can have as much contact with retreat staff after completion as they want or feel they may need at no additional cost. That contact can be informal or scheduled by you as you complete your stay. We are always here to help. Also, as each person’s circumstances, needs, and goals are unique, the staff will meet with the guest to help them to build a plan for their future. Whereas treatment programs encourage people to focus only on living “one-day-at-a-time”, The Freedom Model knows the importance of moving toward a positive future. By beginning to envision their future from the very first few days in the retreat, our guests begin implementing life changes immediately. As all instruction is one-on-one this allows us to work with each guest individually to set up any specific follow-up meetings or help for after they return home. Additionally, throughout The Freedom Model, guests build meaningful relationships with our staff. After graduating, many guests choose to maintain contact with retreat staff via phone, email or on social media for a period of time as they implement the plan they developed while in the retreat. Many guests and their families find this especially helpful within the first few days, weeks, and months after returning home. This service is provided at no additional cost and can last for as long as the guest and the family feel is necessary or desired.

In The Freedom Model System, we question the wisdom of the dual diagnosis treatment approach, while still acknowledging the reality that it is common for people struggling with substance use problems to also struggle with severe depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. However, these added diagnoses, treatments, and medications that come along with the dual diagnosis treatment approach can confuse an already difficult problem and create a new set of challenges. The Freedom Model can help with this – Learn more here.

We have worked with law enforcement agencies and employers throughout the country for more than 29 years. Upon your request, we can provide enrollment letters, completion letters, drug screening results, and any other information requested by law enforcement or an employer to help you to fulfill your obligations. We will only provide this documentation at your specific request.

Periodically, our parent company, Baldwin Research Institute invites an independent research organization to conduct a follow-up survey of our graduate population. A call is made to a random sampling of program graduates to inquire as to their substance use status. Then a second phone call is made to a corroborating witness for each graduate, usually the person who provided the financial help for the guest to attend the retreat. Over our 29 year history our post-retreat abstinent rate has averaged at 62%. These statistics are based on abstinence from all substances. While there are many graduates who have successfully moderated their substance use and dramatically improved their lives, they still fall into the actively using category for the purposes of statistical analysis. In short, we do not bias results or fabricate data for promotional purposes as other programs do and these independent studies are available for you to review on this site and in print upon request. Research our Success Rate

The Retreats are regulated by the Department of Health and the Attorney General Charities Bureau. We are a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization. All Freedom Model instruction is provided directly by Freedom Model developers, Mark Scheeren, Michelle Dunbar and Steven Slate. This team of leading addiction experts developed The Freedom Model for Addictions based on 30 years of intensive addiction research and firsthand experience helping people to completely resolve their addiction and move on with their lives. All medical and mental health appointments are administered by licensed professionals off site. Transportation to and from these appointments is provided.
No, it does not. We understand that addiction treatment by and large has a strong religious and/or spiritual component. And as such even programs that claim to be non 12 step are often affiliated with a specific faith or religious organization. Throughout our three decades of research and experience helping people to change their lives we have found that while faith in a spiritual being or God may be helpful for some people, it is not required to change a substance use habit. And for many people religious dogma or doctrine adds a new level of complexity and problems to what is actually a relatively simple process. As such the Freedom Model System has no spiritual



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