How to Find an Effective Holistic Alcohol Rehab

There are more effective ways to overcome Alcohol Problems...

How to Find an Effective Holistic Alcohol RehabWhen searching for an alcohol rehab you may stumble upon the term holistic alcohol rehab centers which claim to be the best form of alternative treatment available. Through your searches you should be aware that just because an alcohol rehab calls themselves "alternative" or holistic it does not mean they are not using conventional forms of treatment used by typical 12 step programs or ineffective therapy methods. There underlying false theories and methods of the addiction disease can usually still be found. In fact, a majority of all rehabs today have roots based off of the 12 step language.

These programs will advertise art therapy, yoga or Pilates and mind, body and soul treatment. Some will include meditation as part of your treatment plan. While exercise is beneficial to a substance user, doing yoga or meditation will do little to overcome addiction when the holistic rehab is telling you that your are diseased forever or need supportive services permanently.

Again, therapy sessions are also extremely popular in holistic alcohol rehab centers. There are problems with therapy as well. In every therapy model you are often coerced to believe the therapist views rather than making decisions and choices on your own. The therapist can also coerce or subtly manipulate the client into discussing topics such as childhood and past traumas which are not contributing factors to substance use. Therapist may also make you solely commit to being clean and sober for the rest of your life--which may seem extremely limiting to you. It ultimately may not be your goal to abstain from all use, as your goal may be to moderate your alcohol usage responsibly.

In our program, the choices regarding your lifestyle are your own. Our social educational program will focus on giving you the tools to bring happiness into your life and to help you understand how to change your former unproductive or unfulfilling behaviors and habits which may include heavy drug and alcohol use. You will gain freedom in your life and find the tools to empowerment as a means to make positive decisions that align with your future goals. Best of all there are no controlling, manipulative therapy sessions, but rather a proven curriculum and instructor based lessons that have been developed over the last 22 years resulting in thousands of lives saved. Your stay here at our beautiful retreats will focus on finding lasting contentment through new social activities and personal achievements.

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