Finding A Holistic Drug Rehab Center

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Holistic Drug Rehab Thats For You

Finding A Holistic Drug Rehab CenterYou are ready to make a change and seek help for your drug use but you would prefer the program to offer a more natural approach. Finding a holistic drug rehab center that will meet your needs should not be complicated, but it is still important to understand the true methods used to overcome drugs in holistic programs.

Holistic drug rehab centers present natural alternatives to replacement drug rehab treatments such as taking methadone, suboxone or subutex in place of the other drugs that you have been taking, which really just perpetuates drug use since all three of these drugs belong to the same opiate family of narcotics as does percocet, vicodin and heroin.

Mind, Body And Spirit

Finding a holistic drug rehab center will allow you to address your drug use through a mind, body and spirit approach that can be beneficial to you regardless of the type of drugs that you have used. For example, cocaine is a water soluble drug that does not present any physical withdrawal, so once the drug is out of your system; there is no need for a medical detox. However, some individuals experience psychological withdrawal symptoms. A holistic drug rehab center may be able to assist you in relieving the psychological symptoms.

Holistic drug rehab centers offer various different natural alternatives including acupuncture, vitamin therapy, meditation therapy and yoga. A peaceful environment is an integral part of mind, body and spirit therapy. You will find holistic drug rehab centers that offer inpatient and outpatient services, as well as retreat settings that present a serene landscape in which to participate.

Nutrition and activity are equal components to a holistic drug rehab program. You will find that some holistic programs offer well balanced, chef prepared meals. These programs also make salad bars, fresh fruit and other healthy snacks available throughout the day, as well as fruit juice and other beverages. In addition to nutrition, it is important to maintain healthy physical activity to be completely rejuvenated. Many holistic drug rehab centers feature bike riding, hiking, swimming, canoeing and other outdoor activities as well as a spa, massage therapy and health fitness centers with equipment for indoor activities.

Holistic Drug Rehab Centers Are Not ALways Successful

These centers are quite relaxing but do not always offer successful results if you're trying to overcome a drug problem. Holistic rehab centers will provide with the comfort to relax but sometimes only offer therapy or the 12 step model as the basis of their program.  If you truly want to change you will need to work on changing the habitual relationship you have created with drugs. Discovering how to deal with emotions or hard times without drug use is the true task at hand.

If you truly want to change Freedom Model's Cognitive Behavioral Learning methodology, works to build self confidence and self esteem which allows you to become empowered and more secure in your life without drugs. There are no judgments, no labels and no manipulations in a holistic drug rehab center, nor in cognitive behavioral education, but rather an opportunity to make a plan for your success and then to learn the tools necessary to execute your plan.


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