Can I Become Free From My Alcohol Addiction?

Become Free From Alcohol At Freedom Model Retreats

Becoming Free From An Alcohol AddictionIf you have asked, can I be free from my alcohol addiction and heard no many times, let us be the first program to say yes! You have the power inside of you right now to overcome alcohol problems. Do not be devastated that Alcoholic Anonymous or an alcohol rehab told you that you have a disease, because that is not the case! The disease theory is based on emotional judgments not sound scientific research, addiction as a disease does not exist.

The fact that people are brainwashed by recovery culture support groups, treatment programs and information sources based on the disease concept and 12 step ideology is very real. These programs give people little to no hope of ever being free from alcohol, but you might wonder why? These programs need "sick" people to earn money, to keep the addiction disease theory alive. A majority of those who work in these rehabs as addiction counselors, were ex-addicts themselves, which does not make them qualified to lead others in a positive direction. Many people that graduate from rehab programs, relapse within one to two months after they complete the program. Ex-addicts that work at rehabs also have high relapse rates.

A majority of rehabs are fear based treatment and use the religiously based 12 step programs such as AA. The more users are exposed to programs such as this, the more they believe they can never stop drinking. By learning they are powerless and suffering from an incurable disease, hopelessness sets in people begin to feel they can never change. People are told to avoid people, places and things that may trigger cravings. You may even not want to be around alcohol at all and feel you must avoid situations where alcohol may be present.

However, in today's society alcohol is everywhere; at most restaurants and even at work functions. It is unrealistic to think you can never be around alcohol again, and the idea of total abstinence may seem very limiting to you. You may feel you can never be free of alcohol addiction without a life long struggle. But what if you had gone to a program where you had many options regarding your substance use?

Freedom Model's is not treatment and an extreme opposite of alcohol rehab. At the Freedom Model the goal is for people to learn to take control of their behaviors. The idea of gaining power over alcohol is revolutionary for many of our past guests. Our individualized programs help those brainwashed by treatment and 12 step programs that they had lost their human powers to choose their behaviors.

The truth is people never lose the power of choice over their behaviors. By learning to take control, of their own actions, the more confidence they gain, which can help them change their previous heavy usage, to abstain or in some cases moderate. Through our program you will successfully realize the ability to control yourself in environments where alcohol is present.

Our instructors will make you feel right at home and will guide you through the process of changing your drinking habits. Throughout your stay at Freedom Model's you will be surrounded with positive energy. Gone are the days where everyone is sitting around talking about how they messed up their lives; instead our guests focus on how they will better themselves going forward. You will also come to learn that you are ultimately responsible for the choices you make, and that you must move on to become fully responsible for your future without alcohol problems. There are no 12 step tactics here, you have the freedom to live the life you want and be finally free from alcohol.

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Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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