Can I Become Free Of An Oxycontin Addiction?

Freedom Model's alternative to drug rehab can provide real solutions

Can I Become Free Of An Oxycontin Addiction?You can become free from an oxycontin addiction, because you are not diseased. The disease of addiction has "existed" since early the 19th century. Medical experts have continuously gone back and forth as to whether addiction should be categorized as a disease. In the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), the term addiction has been replaced with dependence.

Although oxycontin may seem seemly impossible to stop using, it can be. Drug rehabs have addiction counselors and endless therapy sessions. Be aware that you will most likely have to open up to a room full of people about your oxycontin use, and also hear the stories of numerous others that feel hopelessly addicted. It may not be a pleasant, uplifting experience for you and will likely make you feel sicker and more hopeless. The reverse side of drug rehab would be to attend a freedom model program such as Freedom Model's.The Freedom Model will support you in a non-judgmental environment and help you understand you have a choice with respect to your oxycontin habit.

If you have attended a rehab before you may have told the counselor reasons for your use, or even blamed it on other people or circumstances that have occurred in your life. You may have uses examples such as "I got drunk because my wife left me, "I got high because my old drug dealer kept calling, and I just couldn't say no anymore,"or "My family kept getting on my back about things, so I just went and used again." When you want to dodge responsibility for your choices, the list of "causes" that you blame for resumed substance use is as long as the list of infinite life circumstances. Please understand you use this blame as a technique to ensure you can continue to get high, drunk and to remain a victim of circumstance by attaching a cause for your usage.

Oxycontin addiction counselors may have reinforced your victim mentality by claiming that oxycontin is one of the hardest drugs to overcome. This statement, and we are sure you have heard it before, sets you up for failure. Even hearing other users talking about how they are never going to be able to stop using can make an impression on you. These are things you would never hear from instructors at Freedom Model's. Our research has formulated that not only are these statements counterproductive but they continue to give you an excuse to use. Once you are exposed to an environment where failure is accepted, such as relapsing on oxycontin, you will perceive failure as the norm, and will be further away from realizing you do not need treatment to overcome drugs.

In the book, Diseasing of America, Stanton Peele makes a direct correlation between cigarette users and those who are using heroin. Peele's data when polling numerous on what the most difficult addiction to quit was the majority replied, cigarettes. Peele cited that about half of the audience affirmed they quit solely on their own without treatment.(Peele 174)

If you are struggling with an oxycontin use problem, you can stop and overcome your heavy use. It may seem impossible right now, but Freedom Model's can teach you how to replace counterproductive behaviors, such as oxycontin use, with new productive behaviors. We have helped thousands successfully overcome drug problems and we can help you too. Call today for more information about our life changing process.


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