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The Freedom Model Online Private Instruction

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Ten years ago, we began teaching The Freedom Model Program to people at home via online classes. We were the first to provide this kind of service. We recognized that many people could not attend our residential retreat because their home and/or work obligations were too pressing, or they were simply seeking a more affordable option. Others wanted more help in interpreting the book content from the writers themselves but did not feel their addiction issue had risen to the need for a residential stay at our retreat. If you are one of these people and you want a trained professional to guide you through The Freedom Model Program, we offer Freedom Model Private Instruction. Like at our residential retreat, this course is completed by working one-on-one with Freedom Model co-developer and Addiction Expert Steven Slate online via videoconferencing such as Skype or FaceTime from the comfort of your own home.

Prior to making your decision, you can schedule a free initial private consultation with Steven Slate to see if The Freedom Model Online Private Instruction will be the right fit for you. To schedule your free consultation or enroll in Freedom Model Private Instruction call 888-424-2626 today.




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