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Freedom Model Program Preview...Today, the cultural need for an expert medical opinion concerning normal life struggles is a major stumbling block for substance users. Many want to stop, but modern therapies with their myriad of inconsistent, confusing, and complicated solutions have not, and do not offer substance users an option that can adequately compete with the pleasures they get from using alcohol and drugs. Not only does the modern approach not offer a better alternative, but it compounds the problem by providing substance users seemingly viable, yet false excuses for continuing their inappropriate behavior.

Why is it acceptable to offer treatment that does not end in a fulfilling, successful life? So far, addiction treatment has stumbled along with the same abysmal success rate that existed since treatment first began! And, in most cases, getting treatment actually lowers an individual's chances of moderating or getting sober, forever. This is why it is so important to dispel these false theories and find a solution that works.

This program was created as a solution for those in need of a clear path to success. It is completely devoid of modern therapeutic errors and disproved theories. Once rid of contemporary approaches, a substance user can become open to lifesaving information.

The problems of selfishness, fear, unfulfilling choices and negative behaviors can be discussed once the illusions of disease and denial are dispelled. You may want to refer to the appendices located in the back of this text for a more in-depth discussion about the myth of the disease of addiction. The following chapters offer information and lessons to help you achieve a level of happiness that surpasses the comfort alcohol and drugs provide people living in the gray area between sobriety and active use...

...This chapter highlighted topics which have contributed to the destruction of millions of lives in the last century. As you will see, there are common sense solutions to seemingly complicated problems. And, although we have covered each of these concepts only briefly, the rest of the program will address these topics in much greater detail.

It is important for you to clearly understand that those who drink and drug to excess, and to the detriment of themselves or others, do so with the full knowledge of what they are doing. And, it is obvious that substance users can overcome their problems with the same power of free will and choice that is intrinsic in every human being. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that the most common method for people to overcome the excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs is by choosing to do so, on their own. (Heyman, 2009)

The following chapters will provide you with a comprehensive method of positive self discovery. This program will demonstrate exactly how to build a more fulfilling way of life. Your understanding and your improved lifestyle will be a living testimony that certain processes taught here can have a remarkable positive impact on anyone's life. For our friends who use substances and who want to stop, going through the following lessons will help you to begin rebuilding and changing your life so you may experience new levels of joy and peace.

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