Is your friend struggling with a drug or alcohol problem?

Is their addiction a concern to you?

Has your search for help left you confused and frustrated, because all the centers you call sound the same?

Addiction Help for FriendsThe moment you call the Freedom Model Retreats you will hear and know the difference. Our professional and caring staff will take the time to listen to you, and provide answers that make sense. Your friend can overcome their substance use problems and leave that lifestyle behind forever. That is what Freedom Model has been teaching people like your friend for over two decades.

If you are a friend of a substance users, you may have spent your life literally consumed with fear and worry that the substance user will get hurt, sick or die. You may have spent many sleepless nights waiting up for the substance user to get home safely or to call you back when you haven't heard from him/her in days. Perhaps the substance user has already survived a severe accident or overdose so your worries are now heightened with the reality of that first incident. You can't watch the local news without learning of some recent tragedy attributed to drug use or drinking, and each time you think, that could be my son, daughter, spouse, friend or parent. There is no doubt that fear and worry for your loved one's safety can take a toll on your life and health.

As a friend it is ok to set higher expectations for your loved ones and be clear about what those expectations are up front. If you don't want illicit drugs in your home, let the substance user know this and be firm. You can be assertive without being angry, offensive or threatening. If you do not want to be around your loved one when they are drinking and/or intoxicated say so calmly but firmly. Let them know that you are moving on with your life regardless of their behaviors and be clear about what, if any, help you are willing to provide in the future. If you are having a hard time dealing with your friend's substance use, the Freedom Model Family Program, may be a great benefit to you.

At the end of the day, our program can help your friend change their life permanently. We have helped thousands moved beyond drug or alcohol use, to successful career and fulfilling lives. At the Freedom Model Program, your friend will not be labeled diseased or addicted, which is vital to their success. We will only give them hope and the power to change their life once and for all.

Give us a call today and allow us the privilege of helping you find an answer for your friend or loved one. A permanent solution is only a phone call away.


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