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Freedom Model Program PreviewGoals: this one word generates all sorts of ideas and emotions, some of them negative. For those who have struggled with achieving goals in the past, this term may be associated with anxiety, self-pity and self-loathing. Those who have struggled with goals should explore this term to ease their natural anxiety.

Many of our guests have tried a variety of self-help and inspirational methods to turn their lives around. Unfortunately, many found little relief or success with such attempts. Because of this pattern of failure, they may have become skeptical or cynical about goals and goal setting. Some of you may have felt you were at fault, others may feel that the programs failed them. Either way, goal-setting is the best way to find purpose in one's life. The method outlined here is quite direct and if you follow it point by point, you will have a life plan that will bring about a joyful existence...

...Goals can truly change your life, which in turn can change the world. Goals give people the drive that propels them through hard times. When a person has a goal that he is passionate about, an internal fire powers that person through whatever life throws at him. Nothing in the physical world can stop a person's spirit, especially if he is driven to succeed. A goal is the endpoint of a personal vision. With this in sight, the process becomes extremely efficient and focused. Your internal compass will guide you through the rough terrain that will exist along the way. The world's future lies in the dreams of those who have the courage and tenacity to make their dreams come true...

...There will be many supporting goals that will transform you from your current counterproductive self-images to the new productive ones. Here is the rub: you need to know whether or not you have a personal passion to fulfill your goals. In the case of substance users, their passion is alcohol and/or drugs. This wasteful passion must be converted into a new worthy, passion-driven set of goals. Alcohol and drugs are not the only past goals substance users worked toward. Any activity that had a quick payoff with minimal effort always attracts the immature. We hope you are now willing to look beyond your immediate circumstances and dream toward the future. Whatever goals you list, each must be examined thoroughly by you to determine if it is worthy.

A worthy goal is one that harms no one and helps bring about happiness or positive emotion to anyone touched by the goal, or touched by the process of attaining the goal. It must also be motivated by passion, not only for the goal itself, but for the activities required to achieve the goal. Without passion for your goals, the tumultuous seas of life may overcome you and your fears will stop you from reaching your destination. To determine what is a worthy goal does not take a tremendous amount of thought or time. It would be tragic to get this far in the program only to create goals that are contrary to the axioms. The first exercise in the next chapter will provide all the guidance you will need to proceed.

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