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A Personalized Program in a Homelike and Relaxed Atmosphere

Non 12 Step ProgramFor over two decades the Freedom Model Retreats have set the standards of comfort when helping people overcome substance use problems. Unlike Hospital setting treatment centers, the Freedom Model Retreats offers an environment designed to assist in the process of changing ones life for the better.

As many of our guests are different in nature, Freedom Model's have indentify specific needs for all age groups. Accordingly we offer three Retreat Houses that aim to fulfil the preferences of all people.

We do not promise miracles, or tell people how to live their lives. We don't judge, or make excuses for continues failure. WE TELL THE TRUTH.
People can move beyond limiting habits to a fulfilling and successful life free from drugs and alcohol. There is work involved, but it is worth every minute of it.

The Freedom Model Mountain Retreat

Settled in the beautiful Mountains this restored Victorian Hotel overlooks the peaceful waters of lake Algonquin. The quaint town is a reminiscent of an earlier, simpler time in America history. All our guests have access to a variety of services to make their stay a warm and motivational experience.Explore More about The Freedom Model Mountain Retreat

The Freedom Model Twin Rivers Retreat

The first Retreat House is a Historic 1800 Victorian mansion. Beautiful and carefully designed gardens surround the facility on an enviroment that helps pariticipation in all program activities; both social and educational.Tour the Freedom Model Twin Rivers Retreat

The Freedom Model Executive Retreat

The Executive Retreat sits in 80 acreas of forest, meadows, and privacy trails - this exclusive location was designed to assure the maximum peace and solace while maintaining all confidential standars of the Freedom Model Program intact. With only 6 guests at any given time, the Freedom Model Executive Reterat staff focus all their efforts to ensure a pleasent and relaxing stay. Freedom Model Executive Retrea Tourt


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