Can I Be Happy Again After Alcohol And Drug Addiction?

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Happiness After Alcohol Addiction and Drug AddictionRight now you or a loved one may be struggling and depressed and may wonder can I be happy after an alcohol or drug addiction? Let us ease your pain by first telling you, that while you may be struggling with an addiction, you are not diseased. You have never been and can overcome substance use problems. The first step to happiness is realizing that you can regain a sense of control.

An unhappy person naturally seeks relief and happiness, to you currently that may be to use drugs or to drink alcohol. These actions may have some temporary positive results, but are followed by a sense of loss, sickness and hopelessness when the temporary happiness fades quickly. That sense of loss may then create a greater need for more quick fixes, thus more use of substance. This instant gratification is obviously going to keep you wanting more and more, but all quick fixes come to a swift end.

In these cases crack and heroin are extreme examples of temporary fast fixes that fade quickly and leave the user very depressed, and these actions can be extremely counterproductive and incredibly destructive. For people who make these choices, happiness is a single motivating factor. This is the reason why women leave their children and prostitute for crack money or why a crack user may steal for his next fix. Some people have the idea you can simply cut short the hard work necessary for achieving lasting happiness by identifying the negative aspects of life and then avoiding them.

Although there is some truth to this, there is more to it than that. Negative events that result from negative habits don't always motivate personal change because they provide temporary benefits to the individual. Positive thinking and a goal oriented direction of change can motivate you to make better choices regarding your use of alcohol or drugs. You may realize there are other things in life that can offer you long-term happiness, rather than brief spouts of joy. This is how you can be happy again after a drug or alcohol addiction.

The most important thing you can do to regain happiness is to simply decide to change and avoid drug treatment all together. While treatment is always the first thing people suggest to "fix" your problem for most people it leads to a lifetime of struggle and relapse. Drug treatment and rehab does not change your outlook on life and does not help you to understand why you are making the choices you are. Furthermore it limits your future opportunities and instills fear in you. An example of this would be AA and treatment telling you to avoid people, places and things that may trigger relapse. These programs tell you to avoid places where alcohol is served or you will lose all control of your thoughts and bodily actions! This is simply not true! In fact many people who have been to treatment and AA or NA meetings report that their desire to use drugs is heightened right after a meeting or therapy session.

So how can you move into the direction of happiness again without using substances? The Freedom Model Program's non-treatment approach can guide you through the process of beginning a new chapter of your life. There are other options in your life that might provide a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy. If you are struggling with a substance use problem you may just not see those options at this very moment, because you are still seeking instant happiness, but you will get there through our program. No matter what your past looks like, we have full confidence that you will overcome this difficult time in your life and move on to a brighter future. We have helped thousands to overcome their substance use problems and you are no different. Call today to find out how you can build a new future and be happy once again.


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