Help For My Teen's Drug Use Problem

The Freedom Model Program Is More Effective Than Drug Rehab

Does My Teen Need Help For A Drug Use ProblemMany traditional treatment programs only offer a drug addiction is a disease theory and that your teen will need lifelong treatment; thereby depleting any hope for your child to have a promising future. Traditional treatment programs force the religiously based 12 steps and unproductive group therapy upon their members, which in most instances leaves the individual feeling angry, bitter helpless and hopeless.

Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program, rehab or treatment center. We offer an educational program that can help individuals realize that they are not diseased and that they do have the ability to make different choices. We know we can successfully help your teen with a drug use problem. Our six week program uses self assessment to help teens discover that they are not powerless against drugs and alcohol. They learn how to form different habits and behaviors to make better decisions that are more productive and satisfying to their lives.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help teens understand how their thoughts, habits and behaviors are related to drug and alcohol use. By changing habits and behavior, they can take control and break the cycle of substance use in their life. There is help for your teen who is using drugs.

While 12 step programs and treatment professionals use fear, manipulation, place judgment and label your teen in an effort to control their actions; at Freedom Model Retreats, our goal is to build confidence and strength in your teen by teaching them life skills that will be crucial in helping them overcome their substance use problems. They can then make lifestyle changes and move on to a life that is free from substance use problems and lifelong treatment and meetings.

For many teens, the six week program can be reinforced with our extended program, the Freedom Model Personal Review and Enhancement Program (PREP). This can give your teen more time to gain a clear direction to building a more purposeful life. The PREP program focuses on the challenges that they will meet when returning home and moving forward with their life goals. Some of these challenges will include their relationships with family and friends, academic goals and progress, job opportunities and how they spend their free time. For a teen changing a pattern of drug use, there are many challenges that they will face such as peer pressure and the desire to be accepted too.

The Freedom Model Personal Review and Enhancement Program, or PREP, is designed specifically to build a foundation of emotional stability and self confidence that will be critical for academic and career success and for the rest of their lives. PREP. will help prepare your teen with life skills they will need as they begin to develop career possibilities, college application or military recruitment. Young adults will attend classes on decision making and confidence building with added emphasis on being more assertive and proactive, instead of succumbing to negative peer pressure.

While your teen is going through the Freedom Model Retreats program, you can also follow along with them on the Freedom Model Corner, a members only website that is dedicated to help the family. The website was specifically created to help the family prepare for their return home and it helps the family understand how the program works.

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Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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