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Freedom Model's Is Not Rehab. We Can Help You Overcome Your Drug Use

Alternative Holistic Drug Rehab OptionsDeciding to get help for drug use is an important step and there are many different options for drug rehab. Some drug rehab options offer drug substitutes such as methadone and suboxone as replacements for drugs used. Holistic drug rehab options offer a nonmedical approach to drug use that will be beneficial to your overall mind, body and spirit. Some holistic drug rehab options present vitamin and meditation therapy as methods for treatment, while others use acupuncture and yoga as solutions.

Another holistic drug rehab option are 12 step programs that use belief in a higher power as the primary catalyst for change. 12 step programs teach that drug use is a disease and that lifelong treatment as well as faith in God or a Higher Power are necessary because there is no cure. However, there is another choice for a holistic drug program: Freedom Model Retreats.

You will discover peace and serenity at one of three Freedom Model Retreats locations. Each location features a distinct landscape in which to deliver our social-educational program whether it is at the Freedom Model Twin Rivers, St. Jude Mountain or St. Jude Executive Retreats. A holistic experience of fresh air and calm surroundings give clarity and put our guests in the a frame of mind most conducive to receive the program. Guests are comfortable and relaxed.

The Freedom Model Program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Learning and more than 20 years of research and experience that teaches drug use is not a disease. There is no disease that renders people incapable of changing behavior. You have complete control over your choices. You do not need repeated trips to rehab and treatment for the rest of your life to combat substance use problems; you simply need to learn how to make different choices.

The Freedom Model Program teaches you how make self assessments of your behaviors and habits and to determine the changes you need to make in order to establish new habits and reinforce them with new behaviors that will be more productive and satisfying to your life. Your self confidence will build and you will become more self assured and stronger inmind, body and spirit.

Nutrition is important to a healthy mind and body. The professional chefs at Freedom Model Retreats will prepare delicious and well-balanced gourmet meals that will deliver the best possible nourishment to guests. Fresh fruit and a fully stocked fresh salad bar are available 24/7, as well as beverages and healthy snacks.

The body needs physical activity to be refreshed and energized. Freedom Model Retreats' beautiful locations make it possible for guests to get outside and experience nature throughout the year. Natural mountain landscapes, nature trails and open fields allow for walks and bike rides. Guests of Freedom Model Retreats also have access to fully equipped health club facilities so they can begin incorporating regular exercise into their daily lives. The Freedom Model Executive Retreat features an on-site sauna, pool and Jacuzzi as well as massage therapy.

Freedom Model Retreats is not a rehab facility, but we are a non-treatment program, offering a holistic approach to drug use problems. We use a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program to teach our guests that they are not diseased and they have the power to take back control of their life from drug use permanently.

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