How Much Does Alcohol Treatment Services Cost?

The True Cost Of Treatment

Cost Of Alcohol TreatmentThe inability to pay for alcohol treatment is a major reason people do not get help. Even if you do not have the money to pay for alcohol treatment and you do not have insurance, there may still be some options for you to get the assistance you need for alcohol problems.

There are a number of different alcohol dependency programs available but not all of them can necessarily can help you stop using alcohol. Alcohol use can have a significant and detrimental physical impact on your health. An inpatient program for alcohol abuse provides support to stop drinking while you live as a resident in a facility. An outpatient program provides a similar service, but you don't live there as a resident. There have been numberous studies that also conclude that alcohol treatment doesn't work.

The truth is that the more comfortable you are throughout the process, the more likely you are to complete the process and not return to alcohol use. If you decide to go into an inpatient facility and the accommodations are not comfortable or pleasant, or the treatment is questionable, you are likely to walk out and not return and it is more likely that you will return to alcohol use problems. However, if you enter a residential program with an independently verified success rate such as Freedom Model's that offers comfortable accommodations in semi-private or private rooms, and you are treated with dignity and respect at all times, a successful outcome is more likely.

Differences In Alcohol Treatment Cost

The cost of alcohol treatment service depends on the type of service that you choose. Inpatient treatment can be expensive depending on the facility for a 4-6 week program. If you have health insurance, sometimes an alcohol program is covered under the policy. In a lot of cases, there is a set amount that the insurance company will pay and then you are responsible for the remainder of the balance. The policy may also list the length of time for the stay, such as 10-30 days for inpatient or 60 days as outpatient.

If you do not have insurance that does not necessarily mean that you cannot get into a program. Some facilities can work with individuals. It could not hurt to ask to ask about financing options that can help you with alcohol treatment cost.

Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that can help you. Through self assessment, our guests discover that by changing their old habits to new more productive habits, they can change their behaviors and experience a more purposeful and enriching life. Our guests realize that they are not diseased, and that they have the power to make different choices and overcome their alcohol problems once and for all.

If you have to pay for the cost of your own pocket, here is something to consider…how much is your life worth? If your alcohol problems have taken you in and out of rehab, treatment centers and constantly returning to 12 step meetings, take some time to consider why you have not been successful at overcoming your alcohol problems. Your reasons for quitting treatment could be related to the type of treatment you are getting. Perhaps it is time to consider an alternative to traditional treatment and 12 step meetings. Consider the cost of a residential program as an investment in your future so you can finally overcome your alcohol problems and be free from the bonds of alcohol permanently.

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Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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