When is the last time you felt alive?

Do not give up!

How often do you find yourself drinking or drugging and fixate on your life being stagnant and filled with anxiety?

Do you want to change? Do you ask yourself, can I change? If so, is that thought followed by a feeling of being overwhelmed and depressed? Do you wake up each day with an anxious, nagging guilt, knowing that you could change aspects of your life, but you do not seem to have the confidence or energy to make it happen? Do you wonder: is there anything better out there for me?

Need Help with Addiction, Let Us Help YouRight now you may feel confused; you may have researched many drug treatment centers, and they all make the same promises and sound the same. Your gut tells you that most of what they say is a sales tactic or designed to get your hard earned money, and you would be right; most are in the business to turn the quick profit. But Freedom Model is founded on research, not a business model. We pride ourselves in our not-for-profit status and our continuous effort to bring the most effective model to each of our guests at a cost that is reasonable. We are honored to serve you and your loved ones. We take our mission to be the most compassionate and results driven organization in the industry seriously. Our two decades of continuous Better Business Bureau ratings of A+ prove it.

Freedom Model's knows the methods, the science and the path to this quality of life. You are supposed to feel good, and satisfied, and content.

Let us show you how to get there.

Our goal at Freedom Model's is to help you become the person you truly want to be; we can help you feel alive once again. We invite you to give us a call, there is no coercion, and there is no obligation.

We are here to listen and to help you find the relief you seek. We look forward to talking with you.


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