Information On Percocet Addiction

What You Need To Know Before Seeking Help For A Percocet Addiction

Information On Percocet AddictionPrescription pain killer addiction has become a problem for more than 5.7 million people in America, according to statistics released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drugs such as Percocet, that were initially prescribed for pain due to injury or surgery, have quickly become the source of many individuals recreational drug use and has lead to Percocet "addiction" and overdose.

Dangers of Percocet

Understanding the dangers of Percocet over use depends on developing an understanding of the drug and its effect on the body. Percocet is an opiate narcotic that is a combination of acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol and Oxycodone. Opiates affect the brain and central nervous system by blocking the opioid receptors that tell the body to experience pain or pleasure. When the opioid receptors are blocked, the individual experiences a euphoric sensation.

As the individual continues to take Percocet, they may develop a tolerance to the drug which will cause them to have to take increased amounts of the drug in order to experience the same level of euphoria as before. Taking high amounts of Percocet can lead to overdose. Individuals who experience Percocet overdose may have sweating, nausea and vomiting, their fingernails may have a bluish tint, a slowed heart rate, low blood pressure, shallow breathing and coma.

Once an individual develops a Percocet addiction, they may start to doctor shop, which means that they may start to visit multiple doctors in order to get a prescription for the drug, or they may habitually lose their prescription so that the doctor will write them a new prescription and they can purchase more of the drug. Some individuals buy Percocet online or they may try to buy it off the street.

Side Effects Of Percocet

Percocet over use is not without a certain amount of side effects such as: nausea and vomiting, dizziness and drowsiness, abdominal pain, constipation, itching, difficulty urinating, dry mouth, slow breathing, irregular heart rate, confusion, loss of consciousness and seizure. Taking Percocet with other drugs or alcohol can be fatal.

Quitting Percocet cold turkey is discouraged by health care professionals, who suggest that you seek professional detox, depending on how long you have been taking the drug, how much you have been taking and how often you have been taking Percocet. If you are concerned about your Percocet use, you should speak with your doctor.

Percocet withdrawal symptoms may begin with a few hours after the last time the drug was used and the symptoms may include flu like symptoms, muscle pain, insomnia and anxiety. There are several different types of detox available, should you need detox that can help you get the drug out of your system.

Many individuals discover that after a Percocet addiction that they can benefit from entering a program that can help them rebuild their life and start new. There are a number of programs including rehab, holistic and educational programs that can help individuals get their lives back on track, but holistic and drug rehab programs have proven to be less effective. Freedom Model Retreats exclusively, offers a cognitive behavioral education program that uses self assessment to teach guests to make choices and develop behaviors and habits that are more enhancing and enriching to their life, that can ultimately help them stop using drugs such as percocets.


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