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Inpatient Addiction TreatmentIf you are struggling with an addiction and are in need of a program to help you overcome your drug or alcohol use, there are several different inpatient addiction treatment programs available. Inpatient addiction treatment programs may include a natural or holistic approach, traditional approach which implements a 12 steps ideology. However these models have been proven to be not a lasting solution for overcoming addiction. An educational, non-treatment program which utilizes behavior modification, has been seen as the best way to stop addiction.

What are Holistic Inpatient Addiction Treatments?

Holistic inpatient addiction treatments provide a spa like environment for a Zen calming and relaxing appeal. Holistic treatments offer a mind, body and spirit healing and in many cases use yoga, meditation, vitamin therapy and acupuncture in their practices, among other Eastern remedies. Holistic methods have been used in detox and rehab treatments and while they are very effective for relaxation, they don't really provide a solution for drug or alcohol use.

What are Hospital Inpatient Addiction Treatments?

Hospital inpatient addiction treatment have long been used for addiction, however they have been met with some controversy along the way. For example, in many cases, hospitals place their addiction treatment patients in psychiatric units or on psychiatric floors and in a lock down status. Patients are not permitted any outside contact neither are they allowed to bring any personal electronic devices such as a cell phone. In fact, hospitals do not permit any devices that have to be plugged in to a wall outlet. The reason for this is that substance use patients are also placed on suicide watch status.

Traditional hospital inpatient addiction treatment also implements a 12 steps program into their protocol and requires their patients to attend 12 step meetings as a condition to their acceptance into the program. 12 step ideology suggests that addiction is an incurable genetic disease and that other than surrendering your life to a higher power, attending meetings for the rest of your life and abstinence (which you will not be successful at because they tell you that relapse is a certainty); there are no other treatments.

Programs that utilize a 12 steps methodology use labels (calling all members addicts or alcoholics), manipulation and control to keep members, however they still see a nearly 95 percent dropout rate, most likely due to their inability to effectively help their members.

A Solution

Another form of help is actually a non-treatment, non medical program that offers higher long term success rates called the Freedom Model Retreats. It is an educational program that uses cognitive behavioral education to help individuals to make lasting lifestyle changes. These programs follow a completely opposite ideology than 12 steps programs as cognitive behavioral education is based on science and truth. Alcohol and drug use problems are not diseases, but are habits people develop based on repetitive thoughts and actions. Rather than focus on an unproven theories of the addiction gene or alcoholic gene, which only serves to reinforce feelings of powerlessness and helplessness; it is centered on identifying problem areas and then building  new behaviors and habits, self motivation and resiliency so people can take control of their life and change their problem behaviors for good.

Freedom Model Retreats can help you reevaluate your choices and to make decisions that are productive and improving to your life. Rebuild your confidence and leave substance use behind forever.


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