The "Cure" to Internet Addiction...

Is there such a thing? and how do I find help?

The "Cure" to Internet Addiction...Over the past few years you may have heard about "Internet Addiction." I want to take a moment to share the cure with you --there is no cure because there is no internet addiction!

The question becomes; who decided spending time on the internet was an addiction? There is no proof that addiction is a disease. Why does our society label a repetitive behavior as addictions? People spend long hours on the internet because they truly enjoy it, and to the rehab world the excess of time spent on the internet is another way to hook people into the 12 step propaganda.

Think about reasons why people love the internet, you can check up on friends, contact distant relatives, look at pictures, share pictures, talk live with someone from across the world, shop, look up information, book a trip, sell a car, find a home, you can do anything and people find personal value in these experiences. Take into consideration someone whose job requires them to be on the internet for 8 to 10 hours per day.

They need to do this for work to make money to spend on necessities such as food, bills and a home, so with all things considered are these actions considered addictions? If so, everyday behaviors could then be considered addictions.

However, there are no addictions, just repetitive choices. Even those who spend enormous amounts of time using the web to view pornography are choosing this behavior over other actions in their lives. While many might not agree with this behavior, not agreeing does not make it involuntary as the term addiction implies! Although someone may think they are addicted to the internet, no one is sitting behind them forcing them to log onto facebook 30 times a day! It's their choice, they are choosing to turn on the computer and choosing to place their fingers on the keyboard to type; these are all choices because no one is doing that for them! It brings a sense of relative happiness to people to stay connected; otherwise why would they subject themselves to an unfavorable situation for hours upon hours? Many people will blame the internet for making children obese or making adults anti-social or lazy but this idea is completely backwards.

The Internet is not to blame, as the internet is not a thinking, breathing force that overturns human choice beyond its will.

We understand the person's choice to stay connected on the internet, and we also understand when these habits lose their luster and take a larger bite out of one's life. Through our program we will provide them with other options they could choose to replace the internet habit.

Freedom Model's, for example, educates people on the fact that choices are yours but you must deal with the consequences of those choices; such as a man who gains weight from playing internet games for hours. He has chosen to play internet games instead of exercising, and now he must deal with being overweight. Whether it's alcohol, drugs or the internet, there are no addictions - just personal choices and consequences for everything you do.

Analyzing these choices, and building the process of self-change are the keys to overcoming habits that are no longer as fulfilling as they once were.


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