Are you looking for an Intervention?

Are you confused about the different interventions, programs, and services available?

Traditional Interventions can be costly and many vulnerable families do not realize that many interventionists are in contract with treatment centers who provide kickbacks for their referrals. This unethical practice is more common than not in the treatment industry. There is a better way.

The Freedom Model Retreats Family Liaison...

Intervention ServicesOur Family Liaison is a Freedom Model specialist whose primary objective is to help substance users and their families to communicate more effectively and find a solution to the problems encountered in this population. The Family Liaison is an experienced Freedom Model Presenter and program Director who can provide personal assistance to guide families on approaching their loved one about substance use (or other behavior) problems, and what options may exist for that particular situation or crisis.

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After Completion Of The Freedom Model, What Then?

Our Family Liaison Staff can help prepare the family for their loved one's return, discussing what the family can expect and how best to help their loved one to be successful over the long term. The Family Liaison is also available to provide ongoing consultation via phone or e-mail to the graduate and the family after they return home at no additional cost.

Family Liaison Services

  • Free phone consultation.
  • On-site meeting with the family.
  • On-site meeting with the guest.
  • Traveling with the guest to the Retreat House, and assistance with the enrollment process.
  • Consultation with the family and the guest before, during and after completion of The Freedom Model Course.
  • Consultation with the guest, the family and the retreat staff during the guest's stay at the retreat.
  • Freedom Model tutoring for the family.
  • Assistance in preparing the guest and their family for their return home after their stay at the retreat.

Please call our toll free number for more information about services and cost. A typical On-Site Package is 3 days, 2 nights. Phone consultation in preparation of on-site services will assess if a longer on-site visit will be necessary. Services can be combined for a full package or can be chosen a-la-carte. Freedom Model options are personalized to meet the needs and goals of each family and individual.


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