Is Addiction A Non-Infectious Disease?

Can I Overcome It?

Addiction is not infectious, and is not a diseaseMany people think addiction is a disease but it is not, it is only not infectious. Addiction is a choice people make, we can help you overcome substance use.

Addiction can wreak havoc on a life. Excessive use can destroy relationships, marriages and careers, while depleting finances and debilitating health. With so many different forms of treatment and rehab programs telling users that they have a disease, it is no wonder that people believe that they were born to be drug addicts or alcoholics. But contrary to what many have been told or lead to believe, addiction is not a non-infectious disease, and in fact, it's not a disease at all.

12 step programs and other rehab and treatment programs promote the idea that excessive drug and alcohol use is a non-infectious disease that will never be cured and requires lifelong treatment. A non-infectious disease is a disease that cannot be passed from individual to individual. HIV, tuberculosis, chicken pox are all examples of diseases that you can get from another person, however you cannot get alcohol and drug use from someone else, although some would argue that peer pressure plays a significant role.

12 step programs and rehab treatment want you to believe that you have a non-infectious brain disease that causes you to use drugs and alcohol. They base this idea on changes the brain suffers from substance use. In a true disease, such as cancer, leukemia and diabetes, the individual cannot choose to stop the physiological changes in their body nor can they choose to stop their symptoms, nor can they choose to stop the disease.

The changes made to the brain from drug and alcohol use cannot be compared to the physiological changes made to an entire body from cancer. For the individual using drugs and alcohol, the brain can in many cases repair itself and be remapped by changes in thoughts and behaviors.

Many treatment providers want you to believe that you can inherit drug and alcohol use problems, but there is no evidence to support that theory. The truth is that there is no such thing as a drug addict gene or an alcoholic gene. People are not predisposed to become drug and alcohol users. People use alcohol and drugs because they want to; it is their choice but does not have to be their destiny. It is possible that you learned to use alcohol and drugs from watching others do it and you decided to follow their example, but again that is a choice that you made: to follow their example and use drugs and alcohol.

Addiction is not a non-infectious disease, but a series of voluntary choices, habits and behaviors. First, the choice is made to use drugs and alcohol. If the choice is not made, the habit cannot form or develop.

Conventional rehab, treatment and 12 step programs follow an addiction is a disease model. Those programs promote that total abstinence, endless treatment and group therapy are the only options available and you will never be cured. However, there is a different solution that has been proven to help thousands of individuals make the choice to not use drugs and alcohol, to change their way of thinking, to change their behavior, form different habits and it does not require lifelong treatment and therapy.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment, education based program that employs Cognitive Behaviorial Education to help people to change their alcohol and drug use. Freedom Model Retreats is neither a 12 step program nor a conventional rehab and treatment center. We do not manipulate our guests through labeling and guilt trips, but rather help them to see that their drug and alcohol use is not a disease, but a choice they make. There are no drug substitutes and no group therapy. Our guests become more confident and empowered once they see that they can change their behavior and habits and replace them with more positive choices. Our guests realize that their life is not hopeless. For more than 20 years, thousands of guests have been helped and so can you. If you or someone you know needs help overcoming drug or alcohol use problems call Freedom Model Retreats today!


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