Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana is a drug you can overcome

Is Marijuana Addictive?Habits are acquired behavior patterns or practices which are repeated until they seem almost involuntary. We can compare this involuntary type of behavior as putting on a seatbelt, or looking before crossing a street. They do seem involuntary but at a young age, we had to be taught to do these things through motivation and repetition. Sometimes, as a child while we were learning these habits we would forget to look before crossing the street, and as adults we can make a choice to ignore what we know is safer, such as wearing a seatbelt. In many ways, marijuana ("pot") can be viewed in the same way. Many people believe that marijuana is addictive, however its use is a simple choice, and while we can choose this option for a sense of happiness we cannot always foresee the consequences of our choices.

Marijuana has caused controversy for years, many people argue it should be legalized, others strongly disagree. But smoking marijuana no matter what the government, rehabs or anyone tells you will always remain a person choice. When others claim that there is actually a marijuana addiction, it removes all of the personal responsibility for the person that is using it.

There are drug rehabs who will tell you that if you use pot to relax, or sleep or even just function with more ease, that these are all signs of marijuana addiction. But this view removes all reasoning behind the choice to use. You either make a choice to smoke pot or you don't. There are thousands of people who moderately smoke pot and don't feel the need to do it all the time. In fact they may only do it occasionally. That could mean once every 6 months or every 2 weeks for that matter. So what separates these people who can moderate responsibly and those who feel like they can't stop or believe they are reliant on pot? Many of our beliefs about pot come from our cultures' perspective on it. People take anti-depressants every day, in fact they are regularly and usually unnecessarily prescribed and used as a calming effect. For many people, marijuana performs the same function. To them, it's much like drinking a glass of wine after work or maybe a way to end their day. Society has portrayed pot however as something evil that has terrible withdrawals. However, there is no withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana.

Various states across the US have also legalized medical marijuana to help people with pain management. To these doctors marijuana is a better alternative to prescription pain medication because pot has less harmful qualities than many of the current pain killers on the market.

In our 6-week program at Freedom Model we will help you understand the truth about marijuana and addiction. We understand that marijuana can become an enormous stumbling block to happiness and can lower an individual's chances at long term success and daily motivation. Understanding these realities, we will not tell you that you have an marijuana addiction but rather a choice regarding your future behaviors and habits.

Maybe your marijuana use is tied to old immature behaviors, which we can help you separate these issues and give you the tools to explore options for you to move on with your live in a more productive and successful manner. You may have certain habits or behaviors now, but the wonderful reality is that with new choices come positive brain tissue changes that will result in a more supportive role in your new lifestyle. You CAN learn new habits and let go of old ones.

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