Future Planning

Addressing Areas of Life Beyond the Scope of Addiction

The Retreats ProgramMany of our guests need help in other areas of their lives. It might be dealing with finding a job or housing, or working through the process of reestablishing familial relationships, or possibly getting a GED, etc. Future Planning options are personalized and integrated content that address areas of need or interest, outside the scope of addiction, that you choose to work on while you are attending The Freedom Model at one of our retreats so you are better prepared to return home on a solid footing.

Future Planning Areas:

Future Planning



Aptitude Testing, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Job Search Techniques, Interview Skills
ACADEMICS College/Trade School Search, Preparation for GED, SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT college entrance exams, College application assistance including essay and FAFSA preparation
REINFORCEMENT OF CONCEPTSDealing with Stress, Budgeting and Consumer Credit Counseling, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Health & Wellness, Self-Confidence
LEISURE AND RETIREMENT Volunteer opportunities and exploring life purpose, Hobbies and leisure time to handle downtime/boredom and stay on track, Bucket List-future activities list for engagement and happiness
MILITARY ASVAB study and practice, Meet with a recruiter for questions and feasibility
PERSONAL MATTERS Determining eligibility and filing for SSI, medical insurance, driver's license, passport, Social Security card replacement, health appts., etc.
RELOCATION Exploring relocation options through research, Housing and affordability
COURT REQUIREMENTS Completion of community service hours Attaining letters of recommendation, Felony Expungement
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