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Leaving the Cage of Recovery

Chapter 12: The Freedom Model

The Freedom Model makes intuitive sense to so many people, yet they remain chained to the idea that they'll have to keep working on "recovery." In the last chapter, we discussed the fact that there are no external processes to force a change upon you, and that in fact these processes are a distraction. Let us say it again: there are no plans of recovery needed, there are just choices to be made. It boils down to convincing yourself that you can be happier cutting down or quitting substance use. Once you become convinced, there is nothing else to do other than live out your new preferences. Sadly, even with all of this new information and knowledge, you may still be clinging to recovery like Victoria:

"I agree with everything you guys are saying here, and I've already stopped using. It's awesome. Astounding really, considering how bad I was this past year with the pills. But now I need a plan to maintain my recovery or I'm afraid I'll end up doing the same things again. I need goals, support, coping methods, tools."

-Victoria, a 34 year old who struggled with opiates

Our goal in this chapter is to show you why you may still cling to some recovery ideology and how you can completely let it go. Victoria's request makes the assumption that there is some special set of behaviors or tools that will save her from consuming pills in the future. Of course we could respond with the obvious, "Don't ingest pills," but that, although certainly logical, wouldn't adequately address the core of her issue.

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