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Long Term Drug Treatment and Short Term Residential Programs compared to The Freedom Model Retreats

Long Term Drug TreatmentCompared to long term residential programs that are an average of 60 days or more, the Freedom Model Program is a six week, or 28 day educational experience residential program. Unlike other programs, we don't force a guest go through an uncomfortable assessment before enrolling into our educational program. It should not be up to an evaluation to determine who should or should not be offered help. We assume you know your needs better than we might. Even with over 20 years of experience, none of our reservations associates or staff in general can decide what is best for you. We will simply provide options that you can choose from. Also, there is no age limit to determine who can have lasting happiness like many other long term and short term programs who require their guest be at least 18 years of age.

Many long term and short term programs will not disclose their success rate when asked. The Freedom Model Program has a success rate of 63% over the last 15 years. AA world Services Inc, reported a less than 5% success rate for those who attend AA meetings. Research has shown that when asked what their success rate is, a long term and short term residential programs state that they are not capable of tracking their success rates, or they simply state on average, 75%, with no data to support the claim.

Un-like conventional long and short term programs, the Freedom Model Program educate our guest through an extensive educational curriculum comprised of our program text, two workbooks, seminars, and a healthy social atmosphere. Many long term and short term programs demand that their patients follow up with a therapist or go to 12-step meetings on a regular basis for the remainder of their lives as a means to remain sober. However, our research has shown that "after care" or attending meetings on regular bases is not needed to be sober and live a happy life, and will actually lower the rates of success over the long term future.

Like some long term and short term programs that think sitting in a sauna for five hours a day, is going to help guests in their "recovery treatment", The Freedom Model Retreat Houses take a different approach. We created the original non 12 step, non disease model in 1989, and we have perfected that model for over two decades since. We educate our guests on how to live happy fulfilling lives. If you or your loved one is looking for lasting happiness, the Freedom Model Program can help you. Don't hesitate to give us a call.


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