The Freedom Model for Addictions, America's Non 12 Step Approach
Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap

For the first eight years of its existence, the Freedom Model Retreats were operated entirely by volunteers highly committed to helping others achieve freedom from addiction. Because of its success and growth, the Freedom Model Retreats now employ highly dedicated professionals who share that same commitment to serving our guests and their families. As a result, the Freedom Model has helped thousands of individuals to overcome their substance use problems and build the lives they truly want. Our proven record of success is the envy of addiction treatment programs worldwide. We have built the only program that empowers people to take control of their lives and shows them that they can put their substance use problems behind them for good.

The developers of The Freedom Model have collectively amassed more than a century of research and experience helping substance users and their families. We encourage you to contact us with your questions about the Freedom Model Retreats or about our personal experiences helping people with The Freedom Model for Addictions.

You can view our full staff listing below. You will notice our professionals come from a wide array of educational and professional backgrounds. All Freedom Model Directors, Presenters (Instructors), and Guest Consultants have been trained extensively in The Freedom Model System and are addiction experts with years of experience helping people to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. All staff are required to actively participate in ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the latest research and innovations, and to ensure our guests and their families receive highest quality of services at all times.

  • Mark Scheeren

    Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Michelle Dunbar

    Executive Director
  • Steven Slate

    Researcher and Author
  • Mark Scheeren

  • Michelle Dunbar

    Member of the Board
  • Steven Slate

    Co-Founder & Senior Research Fellow

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