Are Methadone Clinics Right For Me?

You are not addicted to meth! Read below to find out how to overcome methadone

Are Methadone Clinics Right For Me?Among the many different types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatments are Methadone clinics. Some Methadone clinics are public clinics that are government funded and some are private clinics. The general idea behind Methadone clinics is that people will not be able to stick to the commitment of drug abstinence that is promoted by treatment and 12 step programs. Therefore, it is believed they need something to minimize their drug addiction. Before you decide to enroll, truly ask yourself, "Are methadone clinics right for me?" Read more to find out if you really want to seek help in these clinics.

What Is Methadone?

Methadone is an opioid that is primarily used treat heroine dependence as well as other opiate dependence. . Methadone functions in the spinal cord and brain to block receptors. Methadone works to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings from opiates. In short, you are transitioning from one drug to another drug.

Participants in Methadone treatment usually begin with 20 mg of the drug but can be prescribed up to to 200 mg of the drug per day. The side effects from taking Methadone are drowsiness, hallucinations, anxiety, dry mouth, sweating, irregular sleep patterns, dizziness, severe constipation, confusion, nervousness, and weight gain; much the same side effects as for opiate use. Although the pain relief effect wears off after 4 to 5 hours, Methadone stays in your body for nearly 60 hours. Long term overuse of Methadone can be toxic to the body which can cause respiratory problems, liver failure, loss of bone density, irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, stroke and in some cases death. According to the CDC accidental death involving methadone account for more drug related deaths per year than all other drugs combined not including alcohol.

Additional Requirements

Group therapy is another requirement to participate in Methadone clinics. Methadone clinics follow the same philosophy as 12 step alcohol and drug rehab programs; they believe the more you dig into the past and "keep it green", the better the success, but this has not been the case. Therapists have the potential to influence the individual in therapy or to interject their personal beliefs. As a result, therapy has not been effective with substance users. Additionally group therapy does not work because it promotes feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness as well as a lack of control and low self confidence.

Methadone Detoxification

Methadone detox can take as long as 4 to 6 weeks depending on how much is being used. There is a physical withdrawal period, the same as with other substances and some people take other substitute drugs such as suboxone in order to stop taking Methadone. It is not recommended to stop taking high dosages of Methadone cold turkey as the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. The advised approach is to stop Methadone use gradually decreasing the dosage every 2 weeks.

It is not unusual for clinic participants to spend years getting methadone treatment in clinics. Some Methadone users have been using the drug for 20 years or more. Methadone does not solve the problem of drug use but continues it and because most Methadone clinics are government funded and therefore cost participants nothing, there is no motivation to stop using, this is yet another reason why a methadone clinic may not be right for you.

Help for Methadone and Drug Use

Freedom Model Retreats offers an education based program that advocates that drug and alcohol use is not a disease, but a choice. We do not measure success solely on abstinence and we do not pass judgment. Our guests learn how take control of their lives and build new behaviors, thoughts and actions. As a result they develop a greater purpose, personal fulfillment and self motivation. If you or someone you know needs help taking control of their life from drug and alcohol use, and feel that Methadone and other substitute drugs are not the right choice for you, call Freedom Model Retreats today.


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