Moderation Based Alcohol Treatment Rehab

Moderation Can Be Successful For Some; Understand Your Choices.

What Is Moderation Based Alcohol Treatment Rehab?There are many options for people looking to get help for drug use. In today's society over 95% of the programs available today are 12 step, abstinence based alcohol treatment. Contrary to what you have been told this is not the only way to become sober; many people have had success through moderation techniques or with no treatment at all.

There are no moderation based alcohol treatment rehabs, but there are independent programs that incorporate moderation as a means for success. Rehab and treatment centers frown upon moderation, because they do not believe that those they deem addicted are able to moderate. The very idea of moderation goes against everything treatment organizations are trying to prove, which is addiction is an incurable brain disease where people are powerless over alcohol and drugs.

In 12 step programs members must admit they are powerless over alcohol (or drugs) everyday; for them this is taking the first step. You can imagine that once someone admits they are powerless over alcohol (or drugs) this belief alone makes them powerless. They are told that if they are exposed to triggers, if they encounter difficulties or if they take that first drink, they will not be able to control their drinking. This belief makes moderation virtually impossible.

There is an ongoing debate on whether moderation is possible for people who are diagnosed with alcoholism. Steven Slate, an addiction researcher and blogger of the states that, "Moderation is certainly a possibility, and the data shows that the majority of those who were previously alcohol dependent eventually change their habits to a pattern of moderate drinking, thus in my opinion, it's wrong and misleading to tell people that they must abstain or else powerlessly die in a fit of excessive drinking."

12 step organizations have looked at some past behaviors of moderators and use them as a broad example to negatively highlight moderation. In the late 90's Audrey Kishline, founder of Moderation Management, was driving drunk, and became involved in a drunk driving motor vehicle accident that killed two people. Abstinence based programs used this tragic isolated incident (which was a direct result of Ms. Kishline's conscious choice to drink and drive) as ammunition against all moderation practices and organizations, but what no one is truly looking at is the choices and actions of the individual. Just because a few individuals make the wrong choices while drinking does that mean the vast majority of moderators will or do; nor does it imply that all those who choose to moderate will drink and drive.

Because Ms. Kishline was the founder of a moderation based program, any and all moderation based alcohol treatment programs have been shut down and are not seen as a valid way to overcome alcohol problems by the rehab industry, thus all treatment programs now only teach abstinence.

The Freedom Model Program however, puts the accountability and responsibility back on the individual, and restores their right to chose their own solutions and lifestyle. Through the extensive 6 week social educational curriculum, guests will learn how their past behaviors may be connected to their drinking problems today. Guests will additionally learn how to create a road to success and a plan that can help them to effectively deal with situations in life that may cause stress, fear, anxiety or anger. Through this plan, they will build on strengths they currently have and deal with situations productively in the future, rather than falling back on old habits such as drinking.

The best part of the Freedom Model Program is the restoration of personal power and strength. Here you or your loved one will be instilled with hope, empowerment, courage, and self confidence that will help them to build a much better future. Some program graduates may want to try moderation to see if it fits in with their short and long term plans and goals. Through the Freedom Model Program they were provided the tools to be able to self-assess their thoughts and behaviors to see if changes need to be made long after they have left the program. Many people commit to abstaining from alcohol use for an extended period of time while they rebuild their lives, and build healthy habits and lifestyle. All program graduates fully understand that all future behaviors are up to them. Most find this truly liberating, and it is the key to success for many.

If you or someone you love are tired of repeated alcohol treatment and 12 step support group meetings; if you don't believe you are "diseased" and want to find an effective way to overcome an alcohol problem, call Freedom Model's today. You are not powerless, and you don't have to wait another minute to start your new life.

If you are tired of the endless treatment cycle, call Freedom Model's today for a true solution.

Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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