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Freedom Model Program PreviewIf you want to believe you have the disease of addiction or that you have alcoholism, this program will be very difficult to apply in your life. A prerequisite for success with this program is to accept total responsibility for the poor choices you have made. This does not mean that you are responsible for the possible negative actions of others when you were a child and how that may have affected you. But, it does mean that you must be responsible for how you allow those past actions to affect you now.

Moving away from thoughts that are based in personal powerlessness is the first change that can begin rewiring the brain's neurons that support your self-created depression, anxiety and general unhappiness...

... This program can be used for any choice-based problem, from general unhappiness and lack of direction in one's life, to eating disorders, compulsive sex issues and gambling problems, to name just a few. The root of these human problems is centered on a perceived lack of life options. As a person becomes used to coping with life in a certain fixed manner (even if it is inadequate) that individual may continue to repeat these habits until the habits become second nature. Once a particular mode of living becomes habitual, no matter how poor the results, other more productive lifestyle options become less and less a reality for the individual. The perception of a "good life" becomes something of a dream, and not something that can be a reality for them. This is usually when desperation and depression becomes daily habits, furthering an already inadequate set of coping methods. Remember, the brain will simply wire itself to accommodate repetitive thoughts, thus making it easier to fall prey to one's own learned and practiced negativity.

As was stated in the first chapter, the Freedom Model is defined as a universal philosophy which states that all people have the personal right and the inherent tools to think freely and exercise those thoughts through free choice and free will, from birth to death, and that a single drive motivates the human race: the pursuit of happiness. With the Freedom Model you are providing yourself with the quickest known route to your personal happiness.

Many choices that may look simply insane to the outside observer (e.g. the crack user who gives up her children to continue to get high) are truthfully the best option that person sees at that particular moment. So your job in this program is to search out, discover, and attain new life options that will build a joyous, long lasting, deep sense of happiness and fulfillment rather than a life based on short term gratification coupled with a high level of negative consequences...

...Deprivation - "Why can't I drink anymore!?"

Many conventional treatment programs give the impression that you are giving up something dear to your heart when you quit alcohol and drugs. This is just not so. You do not give up anything but a poorer quality of life; rather you gain everything! The idea that you are being deprived of an activity that used to bring happiness is a sure fire way to return to that behavior. Many programs discuss a "love affair with alcohol and drugs." This relationship can be abandoned if the person is able to move forward with new options that bring equal or greater pleasure and purpose. This is where most programs fail miserably. Because the methods are so focused on the loss of fun and pleasure associated with drinking or drugging, a person lives with a feeling of being deprived of the positive effects of that lifestyle. With deprivation the only neuroplastic effect on the brain is that of reinforced negative feelings of loss and depression. In order to move past this initial stage, one needs only decide (remember, the brain is a slave to your thoughts) to an attitude that you will gain a positive future, and that giving up substances is merely a beginning to that long term mission. With these thoughts being constantly generated and reinforced by self changing actions (to be described in detail later on in the text) new neuronal paths are generated, supporting your newfound choices...

...The following chapters will teach you how to create positive lifestyle change. Many of you who succeed with quitting alcohol and drugs may want to read on to find a better quality of life through the added coursework. No one should stop now; the following chapters illustrate in fine detail ways to deal with greater personal accountability and greater control over one's life no matter what their lifestyle includes. Are you ready to change or are you going to relive the past and feel deprived? It's your choice.

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