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Motivators vs. Deterrents

Chapter 15: The Freedom Model

The Positive Drive Principle is all about your motivation. It drives you down the path where you see the most happiness. If you come to see greater happiness in a new path, the PDP will propel you in a new direction. This shift will be achieved by focusing on benefits.

Unfortunately, because of the negativity surrounding substance use, and decades of misinformed recovery ideology, many people attempt to change their substance use with fear of consequences and various negative strategies. This fails because it doesn't address the motivation behind the process of personal change. You can try to deter yourself from certain behaviors with all your might, but your natural drive to pursue happiness eventually wins out, and you move toward whatever you believe you need for happiness. Every failed attempt at changing a substance use habit is based on deterrence. Every successful attempt is based on motivation. This chapter will expose the deterrence-based strategies as ineffective so that you can ditch them, and get focused on motivation.

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