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The Freedom Model
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The Freedom Model Program

> all one-on-one instruction for complete confidentiality

> experiential learning, self-assessment & self-directed change

> debunking the addiction myths: the disease, powerlessness and perpetual recovery myths

What is The Freedom Model Methodology?

Our Non 12 Step Alternative Program for Addictions combines a fully researched, educational curriculum coupled with experiential learning in a supportive environment that is specifically set up to encourage and assist our guests in achieving their goals. All Freedom Model instruction is delivered in completely private classes, providing each guest with individual attention and guaranteeing complete privacy. Freedom Model Presenters work at your pace, providing you with factual information so you can make informed decisions about your life.

The Freedom Model Curriculum: An Empowering Approach
The Freedom Model for Addictions is a comprehensive curriculum that provides a completely new way of thinking about substance use and addiction. At the core of The Freedom Model are three human attributes that free people from the addiction, treatment and recovery trap. They are: Free Will, the Positive Drive Principle, and Personal Autonomy. All of these attributes are internal, mental attributes. They are products of your mind and your thoughts. The Freedom Model shows you how to utilize these innate human attributes to affect the changes in your life that you desire. With the knowledge of your natural attributes you can choose to either see yourself as “addicted” and enslaved by substances, or you can free yourself completely by seeing yourself as a proactive self-changer who has the capacity to move past addiction completely.

The Freedom Model was Developed by Studying Those Who’ve Achieved Permanent Change
According to the largest studies on addiction in the world, the vast majority of heavy substance users and those who qualify as addicted, get over it completely. The Freedom Model Methodology was developed by studying those who achieve success changing their substance use behaviors. At our retreats, we present an intimate learning experience providing information and exercises that provide a proactive way to tap into each individual’s innate personal power for personal change. As a Freedom Model participant, your role is easy to follow: learn the information and theories presented and then apply what you’ve learned to your life, and make an informed decision on what you feel is best for you.

The Power to Change is Within You
The Freedom Model will help you to identify and challenge the habits of thought and action that have left you troubled. These can include negative thinking patterns that lead to depression, anxiety, frustration and confusion which often contribute to a strong preference for heavy substance use and intoxication. Learning The Freedom Model shifts perspective and corrects a faulty belief system that keeps people cycling in and out of heavy substance use, feeling completely out of control. It guides people to re-evaluate their relationship to substances by placing truth and personal happiness front and center in the decision making process.


  • To show exactly what addiction is and what it is not; and to explain why that is so important.
  • To demonstrate that the reasons for substance use are completely controlled by the individual; thereby making change achievable for everyone
  • To help individuals to identify their reasons for their use, and dispel the myths that their substance use is “caused” by “triggers”, trauma, stress, and other factors outside themselves.
  • To demonstrate how people make lasting lifestyle changes through self-analysis, mindfulness and focus on benefits, rather than focusing on fear of negative consequences and belief in an imaginary disease.
  • To challenge the individual’s perceived benefits of his/her substance use, and discuss how they may be happier by making a change.

The primary objectives of The Freedom Model are to help our guests to examine their beliefs, thoughts, choices, motivations, and goals, and debunk all of the addiction and recovery myths so as to free themselves from the burdens of addiction disease rhetoric. The Freedom Model completely upends all addiction and recovery constructs, so the individual can grow past these self-limiting and damaging beliefs.