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In 1988, the creators of The Freedom Model for Addictions began their research to see just how effective the 12 step program actually was in helping people to solve their substance use problems. Over the next three decades they set out to learn exactly how people overcome addiction. They first began helping people within the established and accepted 12 step model even though they could not find any scientific evidence that it worked. Very quickly, the researchers began discarding parts of that model that were clearly ineffective and counterproductive, such as believing oneself to be powerless and suffering from an incurable disease. Just by throwing out those self-deprecating beliefs they saw significantly greater success than with 12 step support group meetings alone. Their research findings are published in The Baldwin Research Project of 1990.

With those findings Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) was established and the first non-12-step program was born in 1991.  From that point until today, BRI researchers have helped thousands of people while continuing their extensive research. BRI researchers did what no other researcher has ever done, they lived with their guests for 12 years. For 10 years they measured their results through follow-up surveys of all program graduates and their families and the results were remarkable with as many as 70% of program graduates being sober and drug free. Then in 2002, they did something that no treatment program has ever done or will ever do, they hired an outside research organization to do an outcome study of all program graduates since the retreat opened its doors in 1992. During the following decade two more outcome studies were completed by outside research organizations and the results were outstanding. 62% were abstinent, and what seemed even more remarkable was that of those who were not abstinent approximately half reported they had reduced their consumption of alcohol to non-problematic levels. This flew in the face of the current cultural belief system in the abstinence only 12 step model.

Throughout this time period Freedom Model creators were carefully gathering data and building what is today, the most effective program made for helping people to stop their addictions and change their lives. The entire 12 step model was discarded as being not only ineffective, but harmful. The research has been clear and consistent, the 12 step model along with all treatment that is based on it has worse outcomes than doing nothing at all. We're so glad you have found the creators of the non-12-step model, and the only comprehensive 12 step deprogramming guide available today, The Freedom Model for Addictions, and the only fully non-12-step residential retreat in the country, The Saint Jude Retreat.

Why Opt for Non 12-Step Drug Rehab When compared to the 12-step approach, alternative drug rehab centers throughout the nation are posting much larger success rates. Many of these programs use long-term inpatient treatments, which can last upwards of three months or even longer. In order to detoxify the body in an effective manner, these often include a holistic biophysical drug rehab as well. --> Even though the traditional method has been around the longest, there is a reason more and more patients rely on alternative treatment as the most effective drug and alcohol rehab therapy available. If you want to get to the underlying reason of what is causing addiction, you can pick up the phone right now and let New Beginnings help you with your alternative non 12 step treatment options. For those searching for a Non 12 Step Program the choices are very limited. To make matters worse there are now many programs claiming in their advertising to be Non 12 Step who still utilize the 12 step methodologies and ritual. For example, any program that recommends attendance at 12 Step meetings after completion of their program is surely based on 12 Step Methodology and certainly will not provide you with a viable alternative program. Programs that claim to be Non 12 Step programs that are religiously based also employ the religious and spiritual aspect of the 12 Step rehab program in their methods. How can you be certain that the program you choose is truly what they claim to be?

Listed below are a few questions you can ask as you search for a true Non 12 Step Program:

Does your program advocate that alcoholism and addiction are diseases?

If their answer is yes, then you can be assured that the treatment you receive will be very similar to the Minnesota Model which incorporates much of the 12 Step methodologies. If the answer is no then proceed to the next question.

Does your program advocate a choice-based dependency; meaning does your program believe that substance abuse is truly, always a choice or is there a point where people lose their power of choice? And do you think that people need your program to stop their substance abuse?

If the answer to these questions presented in question two are yes, then you have found a program that may still employ 12 Step methodologies in that they view the substance abuser as unable to stop their substance abuse without help; and more specifically without their help. This talk of dependency is just a way to skirt the now unpopular disease concept, while remaining a proponent of people's powerlessness in making better choices. If the term "dependency" is anywhere in the facility's marketing plan or promotional materials, avoid it. You are not dependent, you are not diseased and you have full power of choice right now!

And the last question to ask is what do you recommend for aftercare?

This is where many self-claiming Non 12 Step Programs show their true colors. Recommending that their graduates attend support group meetings, therapy sessions or group counseling sessions to help them to stay sober and drug free is the most telling sign that their program is mired in 12 Step ideas.

A true Non 12 Step Program must do the opposite of the traditional 12 Step Rehab Program methodology.

  • Where the 12 Step Rehab Programs force individuals to accept that they are powerless over alcohol and/or drugs, a true Non 12 Step Program empowers the individual to take control of their lives and behaviors.
  • Where the 12 Step Programs state that the only one who could relieve their problem is God, a true Non 12 Step Program places the power where it is most beneficial, with the individual.
  • Where 12 Step Programs teach their members that they must serve others like them through their meetings to stay sober and drug free, a true Non 12 Step Program shows each individual just how much they have to offer the world, and more specifically their families, friends, co-workers and communities.
  • Finally, where 12 Step Rehab Programs tell each member that they will forever suffer from their affliction of alcoholism or addiction, and the best they can hope for is a daily reprieve, but for the Grace of God, a true Non 12 Step Program shows each individual that they have no affliction and that they are free to do with their life as they see fit, and that nothing is holding them back from having the life of their dreams.

A true Non 12 Step Program will admit that you do not need their program or any program to change your life. They will tell you that you have the power right now, within yourself to make a commitment to make more productive lifestyle choices; and further that you have always had this power.

So why come to the Freedom Model Program at the Saint Jude Retreats? To gain assistance in finding what is buried deep within yourself; that is the freedom, the motivation and the drive you have always had to do something great with your life. This is the key to lasting change in your life. This is the key to success.

If you just want to stop drinking or drug using, then stop right now, today. If you want to stop drinking and drug using and find the life of your dreams, we can help. We are the only true Non 12 Step Program.


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