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Addiction Treatment Non 12 Step

Freedom Model Retreats Provides A Non 12 Step Approach

Tradtional Treatment Relies On The 12 Steps

Addiction Treatment Non 12 StepTraditional substance use treatment approaches have relied on a 12 step philosophy, however studies show that non 12 step addiction treatment is a viable option to help drug and alcohol users, as well as family members address substance use and other issues that come with it.

12 step programs have traditionally stood by the false idea that substance use is a disease that was passed down from generation to generation through an addiction gene. 12 step programs assert that the substance user is powerless against their use and that their efforts to resist using were futile because they are victims to the disease. Their policy has been that their drug and alcohol use was not their fault and that they have no control over it.

Do You Have Control

According to 12 step programs, the only treatment available is abstinence, belief in a higher power and group therapy and meetings. In keeping with 12 step theory that you are diseased, you will have to attend meetings for the rest of your life as treatment. 12 step programs use labels, judgment, and manipulation to control the members. Meeting attendance is mandatory and is usually filled with angry and bitter members, venting their hostilities regarding their substance use. It is little wonder to know that 12 step programs have a 95 percent dropout rate as members slowly realize that they will never be successful in the program. But substance users have other options to the traditional method of treatment in non 12 step addiction treatment.

Addiction treatment that is non 12 step includes a holistic non medical approach and Cognitive Behavioral Learning. Non medical, non 12 step programs such as yoga, acupuncture, meditation therapy and vitamin therapy promote a sense of wellness. It is possible to attend these treatments, which are in many ways like retreats for renewal, in either outpatient and inpatient status. This mind, body and spirit approach creates a positive energy.

Take Back Your Life

Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) offers addiction treatment that is non 12 step and help substance users develop skills to take back power of their life. (CBL) teaches self evaluation and self change to help substances users make decisions and choices that are positive and productive, as well as develop habits and behaviors that are supportive and bring enhancement to their lives.

There are no labels, no judgment and no manipulation in Cognitive Behavioral Learning. It does not attempt to control, but rather works to increase self confidence and to encourage the strength to change. As the substance user begins to recognize the habits and behaviors that support their use and as they change them to habits and behaviors that are more fruitful, they are empowered to have a life that is improved.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a non 12 step program that is a non-treatment alternative. The Freedom Model program uses an educational cognitive behavioral approach to teach our guests how to reevaluate their choices and to make change to their habits and behaviors to have long term success without substance use.


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