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Are All Non 12 Step Rehab Centers Holistic Based?

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Are There Differences In Hollistic Programs?

Are All Non 12 Step Rehab Centers Holistic Based?Considering a rehab is an important decision. You have probably heard of a variety of programs and you may be interested in something other than a 12 step program but want to know are all non 12 step rehab centers holistic based. A holistic program is said to treat the whole - mind and body and not just the substance use.

However even holistic rehab centers are different. Some offer Eastern remedies and other offer education programs to help individuals overcome their drug and alcohol use. Holistic centers that offer Eastern remedies use vitamin therapy, meditation therapy and acupuncture and yoga as techniques to build a stronger mind, body and spirit. These approaches are non invasive and non medical and the practices are offered on a resident or nonresident basis and are also offered in the form of a spa retreat. If you attend one of these programs you will learn how to increase your positive energy and to rebuild your life. Please remember that the effectiveness of these programs are not often measured properly, thus we can not recommend or encourage you to participate in them.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning

Another program that is more education, but by definition could also fall under this category, but in fact is significantly different, is Cognitive Behavioral Learning. In Cognitive Behavioral Learning, the individual learns to use self assessment and self change to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make choices that are more effective in their life. Additionally, in Cognitive Behavioral Learning individuals learn to develop behaviors and habits that are more beneficial to their life.

Unlike 12 step holistic based centers that focus on alcohol use as a disease and that while alcohol use is treatable, it is not curable; Cognitive Behavioral Learning rejects the disease concept and believes that alcohol use is a conscious choice that you make to consume alcohol. Rather than put the emphasis on a subjective idea that you inherited your alcohol use from your parents; (CBL) states that your alcohol use is a learned behavior that you may have developed from watching your parents use alcohol.

Judgement Free

There are no judgments, labels or manipulations used in (CBL), but rather it works to increase an individual's self confidence and self esteem. Rather than be told you will fail in your effort at sobriety, Cognitive Behavioral Learning teaches that you have the power to be alcohol free or to control your alcohol use through moderation but the choice and power are yours.

Freedom Model Retreats is a six week, non 12 steps, non treatment programs that uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help guests rebuild their life after alcohol use. Our guests learn to use self assessment and self change to make choices and develop habits and behaviors that are enhancing for a life that is more productive, positive and purposeful.


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