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Best Non-12 Step Drug Rehab Centers

Freedom Model Retreats offers a non 12 Step, non-treatment alternative with proven results.

Best Non-12 Step Drug Rehab CentersMaking the decision to get help for a drug use issue is not easy and most individuals think that the only possibility for treatment is a 12 Step program, but that is not true. There are non-12 Step drug rehab centers available that can assist you in overcoming your substance use.

Why 12 Steps Are an Ineffective Solution

The philosophy of 12 Step programs is that drug use is an incurable, genetic disease that is passed down from generation to generation through an addiction gene. According to 12 Step programs, your drug use is not your fault because you are diseased and damaged. 12 Step programs, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and others, promote the idea that the only real treatment is belief in and submission to a higher power, meetings for the rest of your life, and total lifelong abstinence. However, one of the major flaws is that they declare that relapse is a certainty, you are powerless, and you will fail in your efforts to abstain. In essence, you are helpless to control this cycle of relapse and are doomed to play it out over and over. These ideas certainly are not qualities of a program that can help you move beyond drug use permanently.

The majority of traditional drug rehab centers, methadone clinics, and hospital inpatient drug rehab programs, implement a 12 Step type programs. Non 12 Step alternative programs account for only about 5% of the programs available nationwide.

The Best Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Centers

Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) has quickly become one of the leading alternatives to drug rehab and a true viable option because of its method and philosophy. This method was created and solely used in the Freedom Model Retreats program.

(CBL) does not subscribe to the idea that drug use is a disease, chronic or otherwise. In fact, (CBL) teaches just the opposite. (CBL) teaches that substance use is a choice that stems from learned behavior that you may see as a normal or expected way to react to stress or hard times in your life. It is completely normal at times to feel overwhelmed, or that life has become unmanageable, but there are more constructive ways to deal with these feelings than drinking or drugging.

At the present, your brain associates the euphoric feeling you get when you use drugs to the act of using drugs. You can retrain or remap your brain to associate the same feeling with other actions and behaviors that are more productive and positive. Unlike 12 Step programs which use judgment, labels and manipulation to control their members, Cognitive Behavioral Learning doesn't engage in the use of judgment, labels, or manipulation, and certainly not in control methods. The goal is not to hold power over you, but to build your confidence and self esteem.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning teaches self assessment and self change, so that you can make decisions and choices that support the new life that you are building, a life that is based on new productive habits and behaviors and not the old ways of drug use.

The best non 12 Step drug rehab center is not a rehab center at all. Freedom Model Retreats is seen as the best non 12 Step and non-treatment program.We offer a choice of four or six week (CBL) programs in one of our serene retreat locations. The Freedom Model program helps guests understand that they do not need lifelong meetings to have a life that is permanently free from drug use. If you are ready to try a non 12 Step solution call 1-888-424-2626 now.


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