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Do I Need A Non 12 Step Recovery Group?

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Considering A Non 12 Step Recovery Group

Do I Need A Non 12 Step Recovery Group?It is not uncommon for individuals to consider a recovery program or support after they complete detox or a rehab treatment. Whether or not you go to a 12 step recovery group or a non 12 step recovery group, the choice you make should be based on whether or not you follow the philosophy of the group you are considering, if you choose a recovery group.

A 12 step recovery group is going to follow the principles of A.A. and other 12 step programs that believe that alcohol and drug use are an incurable genetic disease that you inherited from your family. 12 step programs believe that the only treatment available to you is belief in a higher power, attending meetings for the rest of your life and abstaining completely from all substance use. They also believe that everyone relapses and that you are powerless against your substance use, so try as you may to abstain, you are likely to fail.

Natural Treatments

Non 12 step recovery groups and programs offer natural treatments such as acupuncture and yoga and meditation and vitamin therapy to help you overcome substance use. Many individuals continue these types of therapies and treatments after they complete detox and rehab because it gives them a sense of peace and serenity and they report it helps to keep drug and alcohol cravings at bay.

While traditional programs tell you that you must have treatment for the rest of your life, there is an better alternative to lifelong treatment and meetings. Traditional programs follow the substance use is a disease myth. The fact is that there is no such thing as an addiction or alcoholic gene and you simply cannot compare excessive alcohol or drug use to a disease like cancer or leukemia.

Brain Changes

It is true that the brain is changed by chronic drug and alcohol use as it is by any habit we engage in; however it is also true that the brain can be remapped or rewired after the substance use has stopped as the brain changes continuously based on our thoughts and behaviors. As such there is no need for drug replacement therapy to keep you from using drugs and alcohol; you simply need to make the commitment to quit and follow through on your commitment.

Freedom Model Retreats uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning that teaches guests to use self assessment and implement self-directed neuroplastic change. Through the process guests reevaluate their choices and decisions and learn to make choices that are more in line with their personal goals. Our guests learn to develop behaviors and build habits that are positive and that can lead them to a more purposeful life.

The Freedom Model program is a six week, non-treatment program that builds self confidence and self esteem. Our guests are empowered and discover that they can have a life that is permanently free from drug and alcohol problems without the need for meetings or therapy.


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