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The Saint Jude Retreat Philosophy

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True Non 12 Step Program - The Alternative to Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehabs


“…everyone one of us, in everything we do, is just trying to achieve and maintain a happy existence.”

In other words, people make choices and engage in activities in the pursuit of a greater level of personal happiness. Some would argue that is not the case with those who have become “addicted”; and that there is a line that people cross where their substance use becomes involuntary, and they no longer are freely choosing the activity in the pursuit of happiness. In reality, based on 75 years of data, that assumption turns out to be a grave error and the very reason that treatment programs are largely ineffective, and in many cases cause more harm than good.

If you are seeking a solution to your substance use problems, we have a few questions for you: Do you know why you are using at your current levels? Have you been told it’s because of other problems, your relationships, your past, your upbringing, your genetics, your trauma or mental health issues? Have you come to believe that you no longer like it and that you have lost control? Or do you acknowledge that you still derive a certain amount of happiness or pleasure from the activity of using substances? Do you know it’s not a disease and that you’re not powerless but you can’t seem to find the motivation, desire or ability to stop or reduce your substance use?

The Freedom Model will help you find the answers you’re seeking. It will help you to explore and identify the actual reasons why you’re using at your current level, why you may feel out of control, why you’re struggling to make a change, and it will show you how you can get started making the changes you’re seeking. You may now be stuck in a giant counterproductive circle, filled with drinking, drugging, attempts at “recovery” followed by more substance use, self loathing, and anxiety. This vicious cycle is based on your current beliefs and ideas surrounding the constructs of addiction and recovery, both of which keep you cycling in the treatment and recovery trap. The goal of the Freedom Model is for you to free yourself from this self-limiting trap, and move on to a free existence filled with opportunity and greater happiness. Do you want to learn the methods to open yourself to this new way of thinking? We hope you will, and unlike treatment programs, we believe in you!


When we first opened the doors at the Saint Jude Retreats nearly 30 years ago, we utilized the existing 12 Step model as it was all that was available during that time period. We quickly began to see how this model was counterproductive and lead to astonishingly low success rates of 5% or less. Not coincidentally, 5-8% is the current industry success average for treatment and rehabs.

“You and Only You, Can Make Change Possible”

As we continued our research through the following decades, we found that there is no scientific data that supports the disease concept of addiction. It was clear to us then that Treatment Didn’t Work because it teaches people about a disease that does not in reality exist. Living in a myth is not helpful! Nor is feeling deprived and white knuckling through “recovery” only to find yourself totally dissatisfied with that style of sobriety. All of this trap leads to a perpetual state of hopelessness. The Freedom Model pulls you out of the treatment and recovery cycle completely, so you can be free to move on and choose the path that is best for you.

We won’t treat a fictional disease or tell you that you’re powerless. You’re not. We know that you have the power to change, and that alone makes for the most fundamental aspect of our philosophy. “You have the Freedom to Choose. You are in Control, You Can Change”.

Thousands have moved on to productive lives free of substance use problems, with no need for treatment or its stable mate, endless recovery, and so can you!




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