Oxycontin Addiction Information

Oxycontin Addiction Rehab Information

Oxycontin Addiction InformationOxyContin, also known as M-Oxy, OxyCodone, Oxyir, Percolone, and Roxicodone is a time release controlled substance that should not be crushed, chewed or broken. Breaking them could cause too much drug to be released into the blood at one time, leading to potentially fatal dose of OxyContin. Because OxyContin is water based, some people who abuse OxyContin will dissolve it in water then inject it. OxyContin is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. It is a pain reliever that is available with a prescription. However, it can also be found on the streets illegally. Those with an addition to OxyContin will go to extremes to get their hands on it. Some will go as far has calling in phony prescriptions while other will steal it.

OxyContin addictions have been dramatically increasing. In the U.S. alone OxyContin addiction has increased by 300% in the past decade and the number or emergency room visits caused by OxyContin have increased by 500%.

Anyone can form a choice based habit to OxyContin. However, the most typical group of people to form a habit to OxyContin are white woman between the age of 10 and 40 years old.

Using OxyContin may increase the side effects of other drugs that cause drowsiness including antidepressants, other antihistamines, other pain relievers, anxiety medicines, seizure medications, and muscle relaxers.

Dangerous sedation, dizziness, or drowsiness may occur if OxyContin is taken with any of these medications.

OxyContin has many side effects that include muscle twitching, sweating, itching, decreased urination, decreased sex drive, slow breathing, seizures, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, cold, clammy skin, unconsciousness.

Symptoms that one would have if they were to overdose on OxyContin include slow breathing, seizures, dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness, coma, confusion, tiredness, cold and clammy skin, and small pupils.

A person taking OxyContin should take it with plenty of water and a person pregnant should consult their doctor before taking OxyContin.


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