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Can Medication Help Me Quit Cocaine?

Learn more how you can quit cocaine safer and with permanent results.

Prescription MedicationIf you have been using cocaine and are ready to stop, you may wonder, "Can medication help me quit cocaine?" Cocaine isn't a drug from which you need to detox and you don't need any medication to stop using it because it's water soluble. Therefore, there is no physical dependency and no physical withdrawal. Continued cocaine use can damage parts of the body such as the heart so it is important to consider stopping as soon as possible.

Although you won't have to deal with physical dependency or withdrawal from cocaine use, you may still need to work on the fact that you will have to deal with your problems or stress without resorting to drug use. Dealing with drug use is difficult and trying to quit is also difficult, so you want to make sure that the program you enter can help you be successful. Typically a rehab or treatment program will provide someone with a drug, possibly Suboxone, to help them with keep calm and free of anxiety while they are quitting cocaine. However, this medication is not necessary to quit cocaine use and you can quit without it.

Overcoming cocaine use can be better achieved by separating any life issues and dealing with them first. Often times these are the reasons why people chose to use in the first place. Over time the use becomes a behavior that is almost second nature to the substance user. Understanding why you're using and replacing drug use with positive behaviors will help you effectively quit using cocaine.

There are plenty of alternatives to 12 Step programs, but only a few offer true results. Holistic programs can include techniques such as yoga, acupuncture, meditation, nutritional therapy, and aromatherapy. This mind, body, and spirit approach can be found in a spa retreat that allows you to get away for a period, or in a center where you can go several times a week and still maintain your daily routine. The big problem with the holistic approach is that none of the techniques used has ever been shown to be effective in maintaining long term success with substance use issues.

Freedom Model Retreats provide an effective alternative to both 12 step programs and the holistic approaches. The use of Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) by the Freedom Model Retreats program enables people to overcome their unwanted cocaine use permanently. Outside researchers have repeatedly found that past retreat guests have higher rates of success in achieving and maintaining a drug-free life without the need for replacement drugs or on-going recovery meetings. (62% total abstinence on average) You can learn to make better, more productive choices, enjoy more independence, and greater happiness determining your life goals and choices as you wish.


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