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Important Things To Know About Painkiller Addiction Rehab

Paikiller Addiction Is Not A Disease and Freedom Model Retreats Won't Treat You Like So

Painkiller Addiction Statistics

Important Things To Know About Painkiller Addiction RehabPrescription painkiller addiction has become exceedingly prominent in the U.S. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control suggest that more than 15,000 individuals die each year from opiate overdose and at least 40,000 are taken to the emergency room for problems related to prescription painkillers. With Vicodin, Oxycontin and Percocet use steadily increasing many individuals have taken to prescription painkiller use for recreational purposes. If you are ready to quit your opiate use here are a few important things to know about painkiller addiction rehab.

What Are Prescription Painkillers?

Prescription painkillers are opiates. Opiates affect the central nervous system and brain by blocking the opioid receptors that tell the body to feel pain or pleasure. Individuals who take painkillers in increased and frequent amounts and over long periods of time are at risk of developing a physical dependency as well as a tolerance. Increasing the amount creates a potential for overdose.

Some individuals find that to overcome their prescription painkiller addiction they need to first go to detox. A detox center will cleanse your system of the toxic chemicals that have collected because of your excessive painkiller use. Detoxification centers and procedures are different; however the procedure that is seen as the most recommended by doctors is IV therapy medical detox. Intravenous therapy allows the medication to be changed to meet the withdrawal symptoms which keeps the patient comfortable.

When it comes to painkiller addiction rehab it is important to know that rehabs are different. There are varying types of programs for painkiller rehab including residential and nonresidential programs. There are also non 12 step alternatives vs 12 step rehab options. A majority of programs follow 12 step philosophy, meaning that they consider all drug use to be a disease that is inherited from family members and that there is no cure for. The person must follow the 12 steps to overcome drug use, but in reality there is no overcoming it, according to the steps. A person can only surrender and admit that drugs have a power over them. It is also important to know that 12 step programs also promote that the only treatment is belief in a higher power, abstinence and endless recovery.

Are There Nonresident Rehabs?

It is also important to know that painkiller rehab may also be in the form of nonresident rehab in which the individual may self report to a doctor's office or to a clinic to receive medication that will help them detox from opiates. Research indicates that the vast majority of individuals that use this method fail to stop taking the medication once the withdrawal symptoms have passed.

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